where has the time gone!?!??!

i cant believe brooke is nearly one!! (15th july) its gone so quick i feel like ive had her for 5 mins! i just dont know where the past year has gone! people say i should be excited that she is nearly one but i just feel sad! she wont be my baby anymore!!! image its horrible! i can see me shutting my eyes and waking up and she will be 18!! does it ever slow down a bit or does it keep getting quicker! i think back over the past year and havnt done anything siginificant!

i feel really emotional about her birthday getting so close did ne1 else feel like this?
i just wish i cud make time slow down i dont feel ready for a year to have passed yet..



  • Well Charlotte will be 6 months on 13th July and I know it's not a year but I can't believe how fast these last 6 months have gone and that the next will be just as quick and then she will be 1 (13th Jan)!

    Are you having a party/celebration for Brooke? Bought her any nice pressies..? (of course you have what a stupid question - lol!!)
  • yeah we are having a bbq at robs dads house. on the 13th hopefully the weather will be nice!!
    we have bought her a dolly and pushchair and a teddy with happy 1st birthday brooke love from mummy and daddy written on its jumper.. my mum is gettin her a swing which will be handy when im hanging the washing out!lol xx
  • I always look at harri and think my god hes sooo big now! cant believe only 6 months ago he was new born
    Makes me sad sometimes.xxx
  • I think we will all feel like this!im loving the fact Benji is becoming his own little person,so funny and so cute,looking forward to him walking and his first proper word ect..but yeah it seems to have gone soooo fast(hes almost 11mths!)i cant quite believe we have been together almost a yr,and i will miss my widdle baby lol x
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