Fave xmas present..

What was your lo's favorite xmas pressie?

We thought Elmo Live was going to be Kady's favorite present but to be honest it is a toss up between his 'little tikes' car or his cheap ??9.99 book which has a wind up fire engine that whizzes round a track lol.
That was all we needed to buy him & he'd have been happy!!

What was your lo's fave pressie?


  • Gabe's nanny & grandad bought him a Vtech singing bear 'Little Singing Alfie' and he loves it and stops crying as soon as he hears it! He loves all his presents though, he got SO many xx
  • i didnt really spend a fortune on macey as she is still a little young but i brought her really big igglepiggle and upsy daisy soft toys about the size of her (shes 16 months) and she takes them everywhere. She also loves her ITNG songs and ryme book that i brought for 3.99! She opened her book as her first present and got the hump with me cos i took it away to open more she threw herself about and had a paddy about the book! Prob would of been happy with just that lol xx
  • Definately Elmo Live but that might just be coz I keep playing with it with him so he hasnt got much choice lol
  • we got Lexie(14months) an Elmo live,mini rocking horse,vtech discovery tree and a play kitchen
    she hates the rocking horse but loves the kitchen that was a bargin reduced to ??21 its gone back up in price since she likes elmo but is a bit scared lol and likes the vtech thing but her fave was the kitchen she spends ages putting things in and out of the oven lol.
  • We got Tom (21months) 3 spare ratty teddies from Ikea. His was getting a bit scrappy & he won't sleep without it so at 1.99 each we stocked up. He def preferred those to all his other pressies.
  • Ollie loves most of his toys, but his main faves are his rocking horse (reindeer one from ikea) from nana, and his car park thing from grandad. He'll rock on the horse ans almost throw it round the room, and loves sending cars down the ramp of the car park. He also likes his car loader toy, and of course all his noisy books! :lol:

  • charlie is only 8 weeks old so the only thing he likes playing with is mummy which i am perfectly happy with.

    justins is his camcorder

    mayas is her barbie keyboard and dora scooter
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