how can i get my bubba to sleep through the night??!!

hey ladies!! am having massiv etrouble getting mason to sleep through the night!! he is still eating full bottles all through the day and night plus 5 feeds of normal food!! he is extremely clingy and i am finding it hard to cope as he wont let me put him down for two mins!! any help will be so appreciated! thanks ladies !! image xxx


  • hes 9 months and is already on number 3!!! lol image x
  • Tough love time me thinks - start cutting down his milk if he is having that much solids too and it sounds like it might be worth trying controlled crying or pick up put down or another form of behaviour/sleep control. What weight was he born and what weight is he now??? Just they say once they have doubled their birth weight and are over 6 months there is no nutritritional reason for night feeds he is probably just waking up out of habit!
  • i dont know what to try though lol he is way over double his birthweight hahaa im just so stuck with what to do im a single mum and its not easy going to college and work and also looking after baby plus having to wake up during the night lol aargh!! x
  • I know it's hard my lo was still regularly waking up till 9.5months when I put my foot down and did controlled crying - it was REALLY hard for about 4 nights and days as I was knackered and so was he but it was the BEST Thing I have done for the 2 of us as we now both get a good nights sleep!!!!
  • how do u do that then???!!! lol image xxx
  • Thought I had all the answers as my boy slept through from 5 months (6.30pm until 6.30am) but now at 11 monthd has not slept through for a month!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGGHHHH
    Tough love over Xmas I think
  • IMPOSSIBLE LOL especialy for me! LOL
  • we rang a child line called crysis they give advice on how to get ur baby sleeping. we did what they said and wrked. they told us to get a bedtime eg 8pm then leave baby in cot check on them every 15mins til asleep afta 3 nites they'll b sleeping. wrked for us. i didnt like the fact he was crying and i wasnt aloud to go and c him as they know they'll get own way.thet said after 3nites they should sleep.
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