How long did you...

- Have your lo lying flat in pram/pushchair etc ?
- Have your lo in rear facing car seat ?

Archie is 15wks now and I've always had him lying flat in his pram. But I think he might be ready to sit up a bit. I'm just worried he'll get too stimulated and not sleep, this is usually when he gets his long nap while I walk with him for a few hours a day.

Also he hates his car seat. He has to be on the edge of sleep when we put him in or he screams for hours. Trust me we did a 3hr car trip and he screamed for most of the day. I just wonder if he would be better if he was facing forward and could see us etc. Mind you he's no better in the rear facing one even if I'm in back keeping him company.

Anyway, how old were your lo's ?

Suz xx


  • Zacky was lying flat in his pram for a very short time only probs only a couple mths. He has never had a problem with sitting in his car seat and is still in his rear facing 1 at 30weeks.

    As a general rule forward facing seats should not be used for children under 20lb or 9kg. You may well get more posts saying not to change seat due to this reason. At 15wks LO would be lost in a forward facing seat anyway. Zacky was in one for a short period new years eve at 28wks?? weighing around 18lb and he was lost then. Til then we were gonna get him 1 but have since decided to wait tilhes a bit bigger.

    Have you tried using the toys you can hang from the seat as a distraction? Or the playmats that hang over the beck seat so that LO can see something different?

  • WE had cole sitting up a bit in his pram from 12 weeks cause he was getting bored and grumpy. He was quite happy sitting up a bit where he could see. My friends litle girlw as grumpy in the pram at 14 weeks and i suggested she sit her upright. My friend was a bit reluctant as she thought she was too little but she tried and she was quite happy after that sittng up and nosying. If you think he might be ok then its worth trying it. If he doesn't like it you can always lie him back down again

    We put him in a forward facing car seat at 8 months because he was the right weight and was sitting up fine and we had a long car trip to go on. TBH I think 15 weeks is a bit young to go in a forward seat. Is he too hot in the car? Just wondering cause if we put cole in the car in his coat he gets too hot so we just pop a blanket over him instead. Does he have any toys? Or a mirror toy maybe?
  • We had Charlie's pushchair as a pram up until he was about 3 months.

    We bought him a forward facing seat last week and it is so much better for him. He is 5 months old but he weighs 19lb and started looking too cramped in is rear facing seat. His new seat is so much better for him and i think i changed his seat over at the right time x
  • Freya laied flat in her pram till she was around 3 months and I would prob her up if she was awake.

    When looking for a forward care seat I was told by a mother care assistant abut the 9kg weight thing or to go by the general rule that once there feet start climbing the seat infront of them. Freya was 7.5 months when she went into a forward facing car seat. She looked so lost it at first LoL.

    Kerry, Freya 15 months, Pink Bump 25+7
    X X X
  • We use it both ways really! I find having theo sat up actually helps him drift off because he's so busy looking round he forgets to fight sleep. If I know he's tired I'll have the pram facing me and I'll lay him down straight away.
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