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Hi im just wondering where you got a baby wigan rugby shirt from? My hubby wants us to get one for Frankie.


  • Hey, someone from stefs work got it for us. But im pretty sure he got it from JJB in Horwich. How old is Frankie? this one is about 6 months size i think, you can have it if you like? It has shorts and socks with it too.
  • I will have to go and look. Shes 3 months so a bit small for it yet. Thanks for the offer but hubby wants the new kit which is out soon apparently. Typical bloke!

    Are you from wigan? I live in Hindley Green.
  • Oh how wierd, i live in Hindley!!
    Do you go to hindley sure start?
  • No i keep meaning to but never pluck up the courage! What do you go to there?
  • actually im going tomorrow to Rocka tot. its nursery rhymes on a cd while you play on the floor, and loads of ribbons and rattles and things. only been a few times but cam enjoys it

    You should come along with me, its on at 12.45 for about an hour. the lady that runs it is a volunteer, she's really chilled and makes people very welcome.
  • OOOhhhh - caught you both at the same time!!

    Me and Carrie were gonna go for a mooch in Bolton and lunch one day next week and I wondered if you fancied it???
  • yeah i surely do! when were you thinking?
  • yeah i surely do! when were you thinking?
  • The only day neither of us can do is Monday as we both have appointments so whenever Tuesday - Friday is fine with us!

    So just let us know when is good for you both!
  • any day other than tuesday is good for me! Weds? x
  • Wednesday is perfect hon and have been in touch with Vanilla and she is up for it too!

    Will be in touch to arrange things soon - gotta go walk my puppy now!!!

    MKT86 - hope you are seeing this and are going to come and meet us! Promise you we are genuine xxxxx
  • oh nice one. just let me know time and place and i will be there!

    will there be cake? (hahaha, evil laugh!)
  • Oooo im looking!!! Yeah i will come. Wednesday is fine for me too.
  • you coming tomorrow hun or just weds?
    dont worry if you dont fancy it, just thought if you felt nervey about going to them me and cam can keep you company!
  • I will come tomorrow, that sounds like fun.
  • ????????????
    Still coming????????
  • Yeah im up for it.
  • Brill hon - have you seen the messages on facebook? If not - will just let you know here!!!
  • No havent seen any messages. Just message me on facebook if you want.
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