Teething :(

Hi girls

Well the title says it all really. My lo is 12 weeks and has started teething properly since about Saturday night. When I say properly I mean high squeals at night, rosy cheeks and forcing objects into his mouth. I know how to control the pain for him but he's not eating and this is worrying me. He levee so muh of hiss bottles and yesterday he only took about 20oz - he even missed a full bottle! I put him in my bed after giving him some paracetamol and lay with him cuddling into me and let him sleep there untill I was going to bed for comfort and I thought since he missed a bottle he would wake up but he didn't! image

How do I make sure he gets his milk?!?:\?


  • Hi hun, I would keep an eye on him for the next day and see if it improves, continue with the calpol as it advises and hopefully he will feel better and start taking it. I would give the HV a ring to see if they can suggest anything else . Hope he feels better xx
  • Hi hun,

    We have same thing here. Beth is 28 weeks tomorrow and teething badly. She has barely eaten for days and only had 1oz this morning and even that was hard work. image
    I went to GP this morning (not about teething though!) and mentioned it to her and she said not to worry as they can go a good few days without food. Just gotta try to keep the fluids up. No idea how as she totally refuses to open her mouth for anything. image

  • Oh baby b that must be hard, I've got a sippycup I might try but failing that I'll try a syringe if the hv says that's ok :/ oh I wish I could take the pain away image
  • Hi baby b.....my daughter is 33 weeks old (7 and a half months) and she has been teething for around 3months and her first tooth only just cut through today. For the last 2 weeks o so she has eaten very very little in fact he lost around 11oz in weight, she was in hospital out of hours for a few hours too with a high fever and nasty rash, she had awful nappy rash soooo sore bless her. In the end i had to resort into givin her fluid through a syringe, which seemed to work fine and it was easier for her as she didnt have to suck.
    Have a go with the syringe....my LO wouldnt open her mouth unless i pretended to pop in her dummy then id give her 5ml of water/juice. MEan i know but she needed to drink something.
    Her appetite now has more or less fully backto normal and i went to weigh her today and she has put on a 1lb and a half.
    You will know if something isnt quite right....mums seem to have an instinct and always go with you gut feeling.
    Message me anytime
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