My mil is looking after J next weekend while we go away and she has informed me she is putting him on reins. I have told her she wont need them but she has said 'Im sorry but he is not going out of my sight'
Im a bit annoyed, he is one he is barely walking, he walks around the house supervised and outside he is in his pram or of we go the park we let him out to strecth his legs on the grass, we play with him chase him walk with him etc if he is on reins he will be stuck like a dog at her heel. If he was 2 or 3 and likely to walk around the shops and bolt then fair enough but he is learning to walk he is hardly likely to run away and I feel like he should have the freedom to learn to use his legs without being on reins. If she just keeps her eye like she should be doing on him she wouldnt need them.
Am I being uneasonable asking her not to use them just yet? (not that she will actually listen to what I say!)


  • I would say that reins won't be very good for him if he's only just started walking. I tried lo back then and they made him more wobbly. It might also distress him if he's not used to them.

    I don't think you're being unreasonable at all, but like you say she won't take any notice (just like my mil) so i'd say let her try using them, then watch her fail!!!

    I bet you he doesn't take to them
  • You'll probably find that once she understands what his walking capability is she won't see the need for the reigns anymore.

    I do understand but I think my MIL or my mum might be the same, just want that added bit of security. Also reigns are quite good at helping with their balance.

    So if she's going to use them anyway as you suspect, what about something like this

    I see one reviewer has used them with her 14month old son.
    Also I think you can get backpack reigns that have expandable leads so he could toddle about without feeling "stuck at her heel" as you say.

    Hope this helps, S x
  • ah that is quite cute!
    Thing is she does know his walking ability he walks about ten steps then falls on his bum she just has this thing of restraining him, they looked after him at our house once and I came home they had been in the garden all day and J hadnt been let out his pram I get that they want to keep him safe but he needs to explore and find his feet. we always let him toddle on the grass but its like they dont want to be preoccupied with watching him
    Claire I like your idea of watching her fail ha ha ( evil but funny)
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