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Hi again,

when did you lo start playing with toys?/ My son he's 12 weeks takes an interst in them but goesn't told anything and play with it yet. I'm just asking cos I was reading in a bounty mag today that a 12 week old baby is properbly playing with toys now.

Thanks for any replies xx


  • Define "playing" - lol - Gabe is 6 months and he doesnt exactly play - just grabs, shakes things and tries to eat them!

    Seriously though - he was about 15 weeks...

    At 12 weeks, he could hold something if you gave it him, but he couldnt really grab things himself...
  • 12 weeks is very young for actual play- slobbering and sucking on rattles, tummy time, and chewing on their hands is all Joshua managed at 12 weeks! TBH with you Joshua was 6 months last xmas and he only started playing with his toys then. Joshua loved laying under his playmat trying to kick his dangling toys. He's now 18 months and doesnt sit still...fancy swapping for a bit! xxx
  • hey,

    At 12 weeks, louise was just startingto take notice of her toys, then over a couple of weeks realised that she could hit the toys on her mobile,

    She's now 17 weeks, she holds on to toys and puts them in her mouth, she shakes things and grabs onto things.
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