sainsburys beef casserole

notin to do with babies! :lol:

thought i would give this a try (you know the one on the advert) i have been on the website to get the recepie, but do you cook it in the oven or on the hob? anyone know??



  • Hi,
    From the advert I think it looks like you put it in the oven. But the one's I do are Jamie O and I have to do them on the hob as I haven't got a dish with a lid for the oven. Think either would be fine.
    Enjoy your casserole x
  • I did it in the oven as I didn't want to have to stand over the hob for hours plus it was quicker in the oven. it was really nice , mmmmm!! I've also done the fish pie which was lovely! xx
  • thanks, i was thinking 2 hours was a long time on the hob, will do it in the oven i think. i also making pea and ham soup from scratch, soaked my peas last night

    look at me getting all nigella! lol

  • Im gonna give this a try but i was thinking of doing it in the slow cooker.
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