Colicy baby please help any advice will be amazing please!!

Hey Girls

My little boy is 7 weeks old and just developed colic he screams for hours on end and sometimes its that bad i cry because i cant get rid of the pain it seems that he screams when doing the toilet or breaking wind from down below what ive been trying so far is infacol , cooled boiled water between feeds, walking around with him patting his back, i just feel so helpless



  • hi hun
    i sympathise i had a colicky baby too and its hard i tried infacol and it didnt work at all you can get colief from the chemist but its expensive ??10 for a tiny bottle but alot of people sat it works wonders it didnt really work for my little boy and it is a bit of a messing about puttingit in his milk but i bought gripe water and that worked wonders for me i gave it in betweens feeds and it helped him bring his wind up and i also put it on his dummy when he was a bit wingy i still use it on his dummy now and he is 8 months old but he loves it i also went to see a reiki healer which also helped him might be worth a try hun

    good luck hope he settles down
    oh and i also changed his milk to cow and gate comfort milk its got less lactose in it and that helped too let me know how you get on and if you have any more questions please ask
    take care xxx
  • I had a bad colicy baby and he is still a v windy baby now at nearly a year.

    It is so hard. Just having him on you rubbing his back will soothe him and will help you bond which can be hard when you have a lo who screams at you all day and night.

    My MIL suggested putting him to sleep on his front. To which I said no you're not allowed to anymore. But we got desperate. He was eventually falling to sleep on us at night and sometimes we'd fall asleep too. So we decided it was better for him to be on his front in his cot rather than on his front on us.

    We used infalcol which only helped a bit. But on the odd occasion we forgot to give it was even worseso we stuck with it.Some people recommend colief but I bf so irt wasn't any good for us. If you do want it go to GP at get perscription it's ??10.

    Finally we asked my mum to babysit so we could go out for 2/3 hours for a meal. We got back and she said 'You would not believe what he was like. He has JUST gone off but he's been screamming all evening, I tried everything' Well !!!!????!!!! That's what we'd been telling everyone. When it's you 24/7 it's really hard. They only see lo for a few hours and they're not there by themselves. So if there are any offers of help take them.

    Hope that helps a little.

    El x
  • Have emailed you hun with some tips etc xx
  • Hi Girls

    Thank you so so much for all your replys, my lo is on SMA gold and my mum has been saying about changing to cow and gate for sensitive tummies but when i said to the doctor he said not to do that, but im getting desperate as you can all imagine, I will defo try all the new things ive seen from your replys and take him back to the docs to get sum colief.

    Oh the other thing was that I was wanting to try gripe water but got told he was too young, what age did you girls try gripe water at??

    Ive actually got a quiet perdiod at the moment thought i would jump on quickly and reply, thanks again girls it herlps to know your not alone when you feel like you are xx
  • change the milk to cow & gate comfort,its supposed to be really good for this sort of thing.Ignore the doc!they dnt know much at all about infact feeding and dnt know the difference between milks! good luck xxx
  • We are struggling with evenings too- big burp/ fart and he's fine. I think a kick without a nappy is good advice if it's warm enough, a bath or massage. Archie sleeps on his tummy too which helps him...
  • im sorry babe i dont know what else you could try i give my wee man the inficol and it settles him great x
  • Hiya

    Thanks for all the advice again, I think I will switch him onto cow and gate comfort and see how that goes, I also bought some Dr Brown bottles tonight to see how they go, ill do anything for the wee man
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