he slept through

well as the title says my baby boy slept through the night last night.
he went to bed with his bottle at 6pm as always was put in his bed awake as always and was asleep by 6.30pm
and when he woke up it was 6.30am.


  • Oooooh, well done to your little man! What's your secret? Lol. xxx
  • Well done, fingers crossed for you. My lo slept thru for he 1st time on Saturday night. Everything was as normal. So was yesterday and he was right back to his old routine of waking for a feed and then wanting up again at 6am. Despite his triumph of 7.30-7am the night before!
    So now I know he is physically capable I'm gonna try and give him water tonight instead of milk and see if I can break his habit. Will be a few nights hard work but I'll see how I go. Hope your lo isn't a one trick pony like mine. S x
  • fab!! how old is he?

    hope its not a one off and a sign of things to come image

    he will be 11weeks tomorrow x
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