6 month old suddenly not wanting to sleep?

Hi never had to ask a Q on sleeping before as DD has always been very good at self settling and sleeping but lately we are having a bit of trouble,
She gets up at 7 naps at 9.30 for 30 mins
she then naps at 12.30-2.30pm both naps are no problem take her to her room draw curtains put her down awake and off she would go, night time used to be exactly the same bath, bottle then put her down in bed leave the room and she would go straight to sleep with no fuss,

the last 3 nights we finish the bottle she is very sleepy put her down leave the room and this is when the shrieking starts hysterical shrieking! if i go to her she will take one look at me stop and smile if we lift her out she laughs wants to play but is very tired yawning rubbing her eyes etc so we put her down and it all starts all over again any ideas??

Thank you x


  • We went through a similar thing with our lo a couple of weeks ago. She would nap fine, but come bed time would not settle at all. Sometimes she would still be awake at 8:30pm having gone to bed at 6:30pm. It was a killer at the time as hubby was working lates & I was in the absolutely exhausting stages of early pregnancy.

    Unfortunately, we never got to the bottom of it, but we found that calpol & neurofen about an hour before bed seemed to help her settle. I was expecting to see a tooth after all of that, but she still has none! She was also waking during the night, wanting a cuddle. It also corresponded with her trying to master crawling. It only lasted for about a week.

    Sorry I've waffled a bit, but I think that it's a phase that will pass....maybe worth trying the calpol though xx
  • MrsP, has she learnt to do something new recently? My son did this both when he'd learnt to say Dada and when he'd learnt to climb up. Would fight his sleep just because he wanted to either keep practising his new trick or because he found he just couldnt switch off. Like honeyPops said, it was when her LO learned to crawl? Only an idea. If so, all i can say is it will pass, along with everything else, i just keep telling myelf, it'll pass!

  • We put her to bed at 7pm tonight and she has literally just fallen asleep at 10pm?!? She has teeth now so more on the way could be a cause but the fact she sees our face and instantly stops and smiles makes me think she isnt poorly or in teething pain?

    I have read something about seperation anxiety at this stage which was quite upsetting so wondering if its this and how long it will take to overcome,

    It is very exhausting image

    Thank you for replying xx
  • Oooh Starbrite it has been a big few weeks for development in our household she has learned to sit unaided pull herself up and stand and crawl all in the last few weeks,

    oh dear so i guess i just need to wait for it to pass?!?

    Thank you for replying x
  • Hopefully it is just this and it passes soon! It is so tiring isn't it!

  • Pops was exactly the same-you'd go in and she'd smile at you like a cheeky monkey!! We've also gone in and found her crawling round doing laps of her cot in her sleep!! I do think it's a phase, either because she's learnt/learning something, or her teeth are bothering her? It would be so much easier if they could tell us, but then it wouldn't be so much fun :lol: Hope she settles down again soon xx
  • yeah hopefully tonight will be a better night i hope, cheeky monkeys!!

  • She has probably learnt so much recently that she doesn't want to go to sleep - she'd rather be practising all these wonderful news skills and playing with Mummy!!!

    We have a few days of this every now and then. We usually just go in every few mins to give a cuddle and put back down until she gets the message she should be sleeping! Took her an hour to settle for her lunchtime nap yesterday as she kept standing up and rattling the cot bars!

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