had an awful night!!!

so far the nights have been good and bad but last night was the worst. Charlie had his bedtime feed at 9.30 (a full 5oz) he never went to sleep, was just unsettled and grizzly, he wanted feeding again at 11pm so he had a top up, again he never went to sleep ( he seemed to be fighting the tiredness and was generally unsetled) then he started screaming again for more at 12.30 so had best part of another full 5oz, followed by another top up at 2.30 and 4am still not really sleeping, he then had another 2 1/2 oz at 7 and FINALLY drifted off to sleep so me and hubby finally went to bed at 7.30am and was up again at 10.30.

The health visitor came and suggested we try infacol as he takes ages to wind so hope this does the trick! There just doesn't seem to be a set pattern. Some times he has a full bottle other times he just wants part of the bottle but its just the fact he wants feeding SOOO regularly.

Hey ho tonights another night so lets hope we get some sleep! xx

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  • Eeek no sleep until 7.30am! Oh dear. Poor you. Could you & hubby possibly do it in shifts?

    I was incredibly lucky with Gabe and as a new baby he slept and woke four hourly for a feed overnight, and went straight back to sleep. And by 3 weeks old he slept 8 hours a night.

    ...however before you get green-eyed - now at nearly 7 mths he is a terrible sleeper as he suffers with really bad eczema/teething/etc and sometimes is up 1/2 hourly in the night!

    I would give the infacol a try, I have never used it but have heard its good. I recommend gripe water once he's 4 weeks old, that worked for us, it seems to settle babies.

    Have you tried swaddling? We never did with Gabe as he was an easy baby anyway and it was much too hot to swaddle but I have heard it is brilliant!!

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