BLW - Breakfasts

I'm going to start my ds on BLW next week.

I was looking for ideas for first foods - especially for breakfast.

I was thinking of toast fingers and bananas - but I wondered whether I can give him cereal - and if so, what. I understand that Weetabix is a good breakfast but don't know how I'd give this to DS on BLW. What about something like Shreddies ??


K x


  • We are not doing this yet as lo is only 2 months but I was doing some reading about it last night. I just googled it and found a few sits, some more useful than others, but I can't remember any of the names.

    Anyway one of the breakfasts I remember is porridge pancakes. You put some oats in a large flat container, about 4mm deep of oats, pour on some milk or water and microwave. Then cover and put in fridge overnight to set, essentially its like the skin of porridge if you left it I suppose so you probably don't want to put too much milk in. Sounds gross to me but I'm sure the babies will love it. You can also try adding some different fruits to the mixture. And cut it into strips so they can pick it up easily.

    Or maybe some chunks of boiled egg.

    Good luck. I will be interested to hear how you get on.
  • Oh wow - that is a great idea !!! I'll def try that one!

    When can u start giving lo egg ????
  • Peter is blw'd and has toast/muffins with cream cheese or peanut butter, pancakes, french toast, Weetabix with banana, ReadyBrek with fruit pur????e and/or pieces of fruit. With the cereals, we give him a spoon loaded with food which he can now feed himself (and is even beginning to scoop up his own food with) but in the early days we just let him put his hands in it and play. Some went in his mouth. Quite a lot didn't. It is messy, but he loved it!

    Oh, and feed lo in their night clothes for the first few months - saves loads of extra washing.

    They can have egg from six months, as long as it is cooked through completely.
  • Isabelle loves home made potato cakes, she did love omelette until we twigged she had an egg allergy oops!
    porridge (plum stuff when I have oat so simple)
    rice cakes and fruit
    big mushrooms on toast or
    anything left over from last nights dinner (babies don't know what should be served at what time!

    oh and carrot cake muffins or banana muffins, whatever is lurking in the bottom of the fridge when I bake!

    weetabix isn't so great a hit in our house, but shreddies are fab, she sucks the milk out of the and grins like a nutter then tries to pick the stars off the bottom of her bowl!

    although the BLW book says not to give cutlery I always do, and she has got it sussed, we would never eat porridge without a spoon, why would a baby?, she is allowed to do what she likes with it though, often mashes things with her right hand and then eats them with her left?!

    Bets X
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