Strange question but here goes.....

Does your lo fiddle with their bits a lot when you are changing them? Charlotte is really poking around down there if you know what I mean and I'm not sure if it's normal. Sometimes it's with both hands!
The other problem is if I'm not quick enough and she's had a poo...well you can guess!


  • Totally! Me and oh were talking about it this am and I reckon its because he can't really see whats what down there unless he's in the bath or in front of a mirror. And yes to the pooo issue too-nightmare!
  • Ah yeah. Harry's just started this now. Sometimes i worry it won't work for him when he's older! He pulls on it so hard - it really can't be good. (not that i worry too much as he'll never meet girls untill he's 30 ;P ) xxx
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