Dinner question!!!

Hey ladies,
Well Sian is quite a good eater, though we are having a wee problem at the min.
She doesnt seem to want to take off a spoon (I think her top teeth are coming through) And she just wants to feed herself.
Last night I tried 2 different dinners which she wouldnt take so ended up she had toast & a cut up sausage!!!!
Have you any ideas of what I can make that Sian can feed herself? She is 11 months

Thanks in Advance
Cass & Sian


  • Have you got the annabell karmel finger food book? There's loads of really good meal ideas in there!
  • pretty much anything you have she can have cut up.. Ollie has carrots, broccoli, slices of meat, chunks of potato, strips of bread/toast, .... if you dont mind a bit of mess let her have things like mashed pots etc...

  • My nephew refuses a spoon, so my SIL just gives him whatever they're eating and lets him get on with it! She leaves the spoon on his highchair and he waves that around like a conductors baton whilst shovelling food in with his other hand lol. If you don't want too much mess i'd say things like strips of meat (chicken might be the easiest) with steamed veg batons and sliced up potato. Mine love potato cut in to cubes and put in the oven with a little bit of oil, and thats pretty easy to pick up for little fingers xx
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