teeth through lip?

My daughter fell and put her teeth through her lip... anyone else had this happen... shiver was there too much scaring? Any tips... she seen the out of hour doctor who figures stitches would do more damage, but it keeps bleeding on and off. She has three holes inside her lower lip and one on the outside. I asked about salt rinses and he just said do what makes you feel comfortable, the mouth heals quick... erg, wish they'd give more advice. I'm a nurse for crying out loud but when ever something happens to my children I just think there has to be more I could do... I have given her an ice cube to hold on it wrapped in saran wrap and a paper towel. She thinks she's invincible now though, I let her eat ice cream to numb it and because I thought she wouldn't be able to chew dinner, well between the sugar buzz and the pain meds the doctor gave her she's flying... I wish she's just sit still and let me bubble wrap her :\(


  • poor thing my ollie did this when young it took age for the bleed to stop but sound like you doing all right thing hope she feel better soon
  • A friend of mine had this when she was in her 20s. Its harder with a child, but she used to put a little bit of savlon on the outside til it healed, then made sure it was moisturised because it apparently helped it not scar! I don't know if its different for kids skin thought. She's 35 now and theres no scar unless she gets a really dark tan or really cold xxx
  • Savlon, thank you, I will pick some of that up in the morning. That's a great suggestion to keep it moisturized. I know it's not the end of the world, but I'd love to help her not have anything extra to worry about in her teens. Scaring I mean. She's fast asleep, but even when she looks like she's going to roll on her tummy I keep thinking please just lie still... let it have one night just to rest and heal. She's a chatty little person who loves her food so it won't have a moment's rest tomorrow.
  • Good luck, hedgie. I'm sure she will be fine. Scars usually fade after time, so it maybe that my the time she's in her teens (provided she doesn't pick it when it heals too much) it'll have virtually disappeared xxx
  • Ahh bless her, not got any advice but just wanted to say that I hope it heals ok!!!! xxxx
  • I did this at school when I was about 14. I don't have a scar on the outside of my lip but have a little lump just on the inside (it's still there after 15 years!) No one can see it and it has never really bothered me. The Savlon sounds like a good plan though.

    Hope lo is ok. xx
  • i did this when i was about 3 (climbing frame mis hap). i was taken to a&e but didnt have to have stitches. i have a little white scar on the outside but is just under my bottom lip so can only be seen if i push my lip out with my tongue i also have a little lump on the inside.

    the doc is right the mouth does heal very quickly, it wasnt long til i was back to normal.
  • My sister did this years ago and still has a scar but fortunately it's only tiny and you can only see it close up.

    Hope she is ok now :\)

  • I did this when I was about seven. I remember lots of blood and not being able to eat properly for a couple of days- my mum also gave me ice cream! I didn't get a scar though.
    Try not to worry too much Hedgie, I'm sure your daughter will heal quickly, she'll have forgotten about it in no time.
  • You could also try Aloe Vera, it's really soothing and is supposed to help reduce scarring.

    My sister got kicked in the mouth by a horse when she was 15. It shattered her front teeth and badly cut her lip. She had 30 stitches in the lip in all, 25 inside and 5 outside and even after all that you can barely see the scar unless you know it's there! I'm sure your LO will be OK!
  • I don't think I ever realized how many people do this... seems kind of like a design flaw... :P
    I'm glad to hear that everyone or their los have healed well. Steph, your poor sister, that had to have been so very painful. It is really is a testament to how well the body can fix it's self.

    My sister was sat under a tree when the neighbor's 17 year old cat fell asleep and rolled off a branch. The cat landed on my sister's head and scratched her up really badly. She ended up with 60 odd stitches but she did scar quite a bit. Just one of those rely random things.

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