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our first night away from Max EVER! He will be 23 months and I can't wait - lovely hotel (thanks to the edinburgh ladies on here - i'll be picking your brains some more) with pool and spa and a train there and back are all booked!!!!!!!! 7 weeks away I think and I can't wait, much as I love him a long lie in will be LOVELY as he considers 6.30 to be a lie in!!!!!



  • Ooh that'll be really nice - Edinburgh's a fab city too (I'm from Scotland originally) Have a great time when it comes x
  • oh and my mum will be looking after Max and will be coming for a couple of days before and staying a day after so it pretty much FILLS half term which means the stinking in laws won't be able to butt in EVEN BETTER! image
  • yay, which one did you book in the end ?

    I'm off on hols for a week and then away visiting people for the week after that but I will happily mail you some ideas on places to go etc. S x
  • Yipee CC! Think Suz will be the best person to advise about restaurants. I end up in the expensive place ooopsss

    Oh Suz, I read that Oloroso is in administration. Has it closed down? Many a Saturday afternoon I have spent on the roof terrace drinking cocktails
  • Apex - it was only ??8 more than the Radisson and you all said it was lovely! Yes would love any cheap but yummy restaurant advise when you get a mo!
  • lol at the inlaws. think the mil was fishing for an invite this week when she informed hubby she had a week off! moving further away has its plus points!

    Loved Edinburgh when we went! You'll have a fab time.xxx
  • CC, I can think of plenty of decent not too expensive places at that end of town. Will get in touch when back from hols to find out what kind of day/night you want to have and think of some places.

    CharlieMum- I'm gonna email you. Laughing at ending up in the expensive places, why does that happen to me too? Oloroso, really. I know Tony Singh through friend of a friend and he's a bit of a wheeler dealer and I'm surprised about administration. He's just opened a new place on Castle st aswell. Right emailing you so not to ambush CC's thread anymore. S x
  • you lot are forever ambushing me :lol:

    JFP - putting the in laws off is a full time job for me! One of my 3 - mummy, teacher and in law putter offer!!!! :lol: I need more hours int he day to be able to do them all!
  • You're lucky we're only ambushing this thread and not your romantic getaway, lol !
  • PMSL - good point :lol:
  • I was just thinking that, don't post all your personal pink fluffy dirty weekend details here, or half of BE will turn up just for a laugh! hehe
  • there will be no pink or fluff there I will have you know :lol:
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