people keep saying max ia fatty

max is on solids now and is gaining weight, he's 4 and half months and his 3-6 months clothes are getting quite tight in fact id say hes ready for next size he is a big boy, but not fat! anyhows fat babies are cute lol

not brill pic but this is him today!


  • he looks perfect to me! very handsome! x x
  • Awww, he's gorgeous hun! Just tell them they could do with cutting down on calories as well. I always remember the quote from bring it on the movie, "You see, when you skip a meal, your body feeds off its fat stores. And if you skip enough, maybe your body will eat your ass! " Say that! Lol. xxx
  • Ah he's gorgeous! My little Charlie is 12 weeks on sunday and is in 3-6month clothes (he weighs 15lb 5 and a half). I dont think Charlie's fat, just looks older than 12 wks in my opinion. Ignore others and enjoy your little cutie.xx
  • thanks ladies i'm trying to edit the title to 'is a' but the ad on the right is covering the edit button!
  • He looks fine hun. My little man is four a half months as well and is 18lbs so long as he is the same percentile for height as well as weight then I wouldn't worry.
    Anyway any excess weight he puts on will be burnt off once he starts todderling.

    Lucie x
  • He's gorgeous hun, i get the same comments about my lo, he's 18 weeks and in 6-9 month clothes, around the 95th centile and not even on solids yet!!! He's gonna be a real porker lol. I think it's fab though, i love their chubbyness, and he's obviously thriving! Am i right in thinking it was you who had a lot of problems with allergies and finding a milk to suit your lo? If it was then it's especially good he's doing so well, ignore other people, you're obviously doing a great job x
  • Awh he's dead cute, he looks about the same size as Barney at that age. I actually like the fact that Barney is a little chunk, he's not fat but has big legs and shoulders so he looks big. We all refer to Barney as fat lad, but I wouldn't have him any other way. Big babies are adorable and squishable!! (as are little babies, I had one of those last time round!)
  • i would tell them to shut the fuck up and probably smack them one,

    he is a little cutie x
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