Problem, Any ideas?

My LO is 15months and has been mixing with other babies and toddlers since he was 5 weeks old. He is fine at the regular toddler groups we go to and toddles around playing. However he is a nightmare with one of my close friends LO. He is 3weeks older than Isaac, no bigger or anthing like that. However the minute they walk in the door Isaac screams and screams until they leave.

They have never hurt each other and they've known each other for a year, so I don't understand. Yes my friends LO shouts a bit and makes Isaac jump, but he just seems to HATE him! It's so embarressing and I'm getting to the point where I'm almost avoiding my friend because of it. It's not easy when suffering bad morning sickness with no2.

Any ideas how to help Isaac?


  • aw hun, some kids just don't gel, my son (now 29 months) clashes with some kids and plays fine with others. I have a close friend, we have boys the same age and girls and our boys are complete opposites and only recently they have played along together, my son is bigger and very confident and can be a bit much for other shy kids.

    I know how you feel as my son was 15 months when i was preggers with Molly and i hade horrendous all day sickness and found it very difficult with a toddler to look after. I also found this age a difficult age because my son couldn't speak yet but knew his own mind so got very frustrated when you didn't understand him.

    Things will get better and it is probably a phase! x
  • I'm hoping it is just a phase. He cries whether we're at their house or our house. Normally when my friends lo makes a loud noise, which he does more when he gets a reaction from Isaac! Maybe he has sensitive hearing. He was exactly 3 weeks early, someone said early babies can have? I'm 9+1 now so hoping sicky phase is going soon too! x
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