How young can teething start?

Hello! Our little girl is 9 weeks today & for the last few days has literallly been trying to fit her fist in her mouth! I first took this as a sign of hunger, but when she wouldnt feed, the thought of teething crossed my mind! Argh! Im hoping its just because shes found out that her ahnds can go in her mouth & shes exploring.......:roll:

Thanks in advance :\)

CG & Fearne (9w) xxx


  • she could be exploring her hands or she could be teething.
    Some babies are born with teeth so teething can be at any age x
  • I was gunna say that some babies are born with teeth, but I see I've been beaten to it!
    At around that age is when babies start to notice their hands. My LO is 12 weeks old and still shoves her fist in her mouth and dribbles a lot. Just a phase they go through, I believe.
  • could well be LO started just before 15 weeks x
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