Anyone got a little dribbler?

My 5 month old DS dribbles like mad (think it's a boy thing as my daughter didn't) and it got to point where it got so bad that I had to put a bib on him all the time which I think looks awful. A friend tolkd me about SKIBZ which look like neckerchiefs and are super absorbent and made for exactly this purpose but when I looked them up online they were ??12 each!!! My friend reckoned the cheapest she could find them was ??8. Anyway I was out shopping in my local town and came across a stall selling DRIBBZ which are essentially the same thing. They look like neckerchiefs with a popper fastening, have a cotton front and a fleece back. They are fantastic, my DS can get the front soaking wet yet the back is still bone dry and his dribble rash cleared within a day and the best bit they are only 3 for a tenner :\) The woman who makes them does loads of different designs and will even make to order.

So if you are interested the website is

My little dribbler and I can personally recommend them.


  • Thanks for the recommendation. I'd looked at Skibz too as my LO (8months) dribbles until his top is wet (but would never pay ??12 for one!)
    Will be getting some Dribbz for his christening image x
  • My mum made me some, i picked one up from kiddicare and didnt look at the price tag then got to the checkout adn thougth blimey!! So mum used this one as a template and made me loads. They are fabulous. Saves all DS clothes getting soaking wet!!
  • I have an excessive dribbler too plus a a reflux baby so DS is ALWAYS in a bib. I started investing in these months ago and have quite a collection now. I tend to buy mine from shops on Ebay. Just ordered another 4 for ??9.75 (free postage + 1 free bib of their choice) from a shop called Stuff4littlepeople. Just search 'bandana bibs' and it will bring up loads. I think I must have at least 30 of these bibs now and people always ask me where I got them from. xx
  • Haha - no but beginning to think I missed out on an opportunity here.

  • Lily was the same and I wish they had been about when she needed them. I'll save the website incase this bump is the same as its sister!
  • my lo is such a dribbler too. We got some from we got 4 for ??10.
  • i got 7 for ??15 on ebay they are fantastic inventions for the dribblers!
  • just wanted to say that my bibs came today from Dribbz, I ordered after seeing it mentioned on here!, They're great, i got lo's name put on them, she looks sooooo cute, 3 for ??10 I thought was good image
  • I never realised you could get their name put on, I'm going to order some more as 3 not enough for my little man so may look at doing that.

    Didn't realise they were so widely available under different names - makes me wonder how SKIBZ get away with charging what they do.
  • I second sarah-jb on the the bibbles from bandana-bibs, they are fab and only ??2.50 each so I got my boy ten, he can easy get through 3 in a day!
  • Thank you MummyPiglet & Samuels Mum from Sam the Mummy who makes the Dribbz Bibs!
    Use the contact form Mummies to email me before ordering & I'll see if I can sort you out some discount just quote Baby Expert! image
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