8wk Jabs - Screaming Baby

My twins have had there 8wk jabs at 11am today and they went ok, no real crying, until 2/3 hrs later and now both my girls are screaming the house down...

Any idea's, im a bit worried?

Thanks Em x


  • Were you told to give them calpol?
    B got ill a few hrs after hers, I was told to give her that to help her temp etc.
    x Hope your all ok x
  • Yes was told that, and have just given them both 2.5ml of calpol!

    Just panicking a bit as the screams piercing and not like there normal cry...??
  • They prob feel ill. Have you taken their temp? I'm sure the calpol will help, hopefully in half an hr or so they'll feel better and sleep through it x
  • Bless them, I hope the calpol works to calm them down.

    The jabs are probably making them feel unwell in a way they've never felt before and so are upset and as they are twins they might also be upset that they can hear that thier twin is distressed too?

    Do they have a high temp?

    Can you take them out for a walk and fresh air to help calm them?

    I remember Louise crying in her sleep after her first jabs, but luckily she also slept through most of it. Unfortunately all babies react in different ways and react differently to each set of jabs.
  • Hi hun both Amy & Zara were like that after their 8 week jabs unfortnately but they were fine by the evening time. Just carry on with the calpol & keep an eye on their temperatures & they should be ok. I'm sure its a nightmare having the 2 of them screaming like that though

    Good Luck
    Hilary x
  • Temp is 36.9... which is ok right??

    Trying to get them to sleep now, so they can sleep through it, hopefully.
  • Yeah hun their temperature sounds fine. Hope you can get them over to sleep so they can sleep it off. they should wake up a lot brighter xx
  • thats fine,

    fingers crossed for you that you can get them to sleep and they wake up much happier.

    I think they can have more calpol 12 hours later at 8 weeks?
  • think its over 37.5 and its too high, so theirs seems reasonable. Keep taking it every 30mins to an hr to see if it goes down further or incase increases. I see the temp reducing as a sign of feeling better.
  • You may want to check out
    when you have a min, its got all info about dosage, whats considered a fever etc,
    Hope your lovely ladies feel better soon x x
  • oh no bless them both. My boys got hisnext week im so not looking forward to it
  • temps down to 36.3 c, think calpol helping and they've gone quieter! x
  • Glad you're all ok hun x
    Take care x
  • Its pretty normal for babies to be like that after jabs. I hope they're feeling better hun xx
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