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Will he ever stop crying before sleep?



  • hi my lo always has a cry before going to sleep too. doesn't matter whether i puth hiil down before any signs (but has been awake for a good 2 hours) or once he's started getting abit moany and rubbing eyes. he's only like this in the daytime, settles himself perfectly at bedtime. we do the controlled crying, where we leave him to cry for 2 minutes, go in shush him a bit, once calmed down we leave the room, if he's starts up again then 3 minutes, then 4, then 5. i have not left him longer than 5 minutes at a time without trying to calm him. but generally by the time we've got to the 5 minute cries he's fallling asleep, which is why i don't tend to goover 5 minutes. u know ur baby best and if crying it out works for him then u shouldn't let anyone make u feel bad for doing that. all babies are different and what works for one (pick up put down) may only infuriate another (crying out) and vice versa. there is no rigt or wrong as all our babies are so different from one another. there is no set rule for sleeping except u do what works for ur child regardless of others opinions on it. babies do need to learn to settle themselves and if they are never allowed to cry then ur gona have a toddler/ older child that will wimper at the slightest thing and expect u to come running.

    good luck with finding a solution that works for u

  • Kel, I hope I didn't sound like I was saying 'he must learn to settle himself' - it should've sounded more like I wouldn't worry about him having a little cry brfore he goes to sleep because apart from anything else he's learning to settle himself x
  • Thanks again for the reassurance. its good to know that Riley isn't the only one who has to have a cry before going to sleep.

    *Sunflower81*-No don't worry I didn't think you said it like that! x

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