Any experiences with the Briax b dual 4?

Anyone has any experiences with the Britax b dual 4? We are looking into this pushchair for a toddler and a newborn. I am gonna have a play around with it tomorrow if we can, but has anyone used this pushchair or had a play around with it in the shops? Anyone has any thoughts on this pushchair?


  • Not personally, a friend of mine has it for her newborn and toddler...she loves it! says its really smooth and both LO's sleep well in it when they're out and about. Personally I think it looks great.

    ????-wise i'm not sure how it compares with the Jane power-track double, I've heard great things about that too - so high tech its got brake-disks!!!

  • I am not a huge fan of the Jane, but have been looking at the P&T sport, but when we had a look came across the Britax and now I am really inbetween the two of them and can't decide.
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