which supermarket...

do you shop at and why? what do you like about it or dislike about other ones?

Do you buy shop own brands, and what do you think of them?

just researching as at the moment i get bits and pieces from local shops rather than doing one big shop..... but am going to start doing a big weekly supermarket shop!


  • Usually shop in Sainsbury's for the simple reason that's it's close by (15min walk) and I don't drive.
    Do online shopping once or twice a month, usually with Tesco, as they seem to be cheaper.
    Certain items I will only buy brand names (heinz ketchup, hellman's mayo, heinx baked beans etc!) but I do buy a lot of supermarket own brands and they are fine, hardly tell the difference most of the time.
    Not too keen on Asda own brands and definitely not Iceland's!!
  • i love asda mainly because of the george section and cheap pampers lol..
  • we use lidl and netto for most of our stuff as the quality is better/just as good as the major names, then use tescos for other bits we need.
    we buy tesco value where we can as most of it is just the name and packaging you pay for (except T.Value sausages - vile)
    and we only do a bi monthly shop, sticking to a list for the majority of it unless there is a really good deal on something... it costs us about ??200-??250. The last big shop cost us ??170 for two months shopping.. image we got loads on offers

  • We shop at Tesco's 99% of the time because its a 2 min walk. Our shopping costs us about 600-625 a month and thats inc nappies/milk etc.

    We have no tesco brand, everything is brand names. I can taste a difference with tesco value, and we dont like it in our house. I know everyone is different and some of you will probably disagree but for us we just don't like it.

    We can afford to live like this, and for as long as we can I wont be looking for alternatives.

  • We usually shop at ASDA as there is a quite large one about 15min walk away.

    Use Tescos if I am at my moms as it is close by and 24hr one.

    Did go through a period of refusing to use Tesco though as everytime I walk out the tag has been left on something at the checkout and the alarms go off. This happened when I was pregnant the first time and I was so pissed off I pushed the full trolley at the guard and said if he wanted to check it he could have it. LOL.

    My mom uses Morrisons and agrees with me that they have a limited choice and are a bit crap (sorry to anyone who uses them).

    Have used ASDA home delivery, and the bloke who delivers the stuff is so pleasant. And at xmas we had an extra bag of shopping as well. Sorry to who ever it belonged to (polos, galaxys and sensodyne toothpaste).
  • Polos and toothpaste in with chocolate?! Yuk!! Bet the chocolate was minty :lol:

  • i go to asda as it always works out cheaper. also their nappies are always on offer 3 packs of 46 for ??10
  • i use tesco,simply because it is the nearest to me,sometimes go to sainsburys too,The one thing i like about tesco is i know where everything is(lol)and when i go to sainsbury i cant always find things i want,but sainsbury as clothes wereas tescos dont,but then this in turn can be a bad thing as i always end up buying something so works out more expensive!!!!!!!!!
  • We've always shopped at Sainsbury's as I like the choice and expecially the fruit and veg as I'm really funny about fruit (like green tomatoes, banannas etc!).
    That was till the food prices started to rise when we swaped to ASDA as it's a 15 min walk and the bargins are so good.
    If we haven't time to shop I'll do online from Sainsbury's as that's the only one I could be bothered to faff on filling all the details in and I know me way round it all now so it dosen't take as long.
    But I will pop into Morrisons or wherever if there are good baby bargins.
    We also get our meat from a butcher and mega treats from M&S or the 2 for a tenner deal. So really I'm not very loyal I'll shop anywhere!!
    Oh and I but value tinned toms (and Sainsbury's own frozen Yorkshire puds are AMAZING-15 for under 50p -having some for tea!!) and stuff like that but branded beans, ketchup, mayo like MumOf2. Hth x
  • We have a tesco's nearby so do shop there but we somehow find that we come away with less actual meals than if we go to sainsburies. I think it's because I like sainsburys chicken.

    I'll go to waitrose if I only want a few bits as I can always get a p&c bay there and occasionally morrisons because thats the only place we can find a white wine and mushroom pasta sauce!

    Which ever you decide make sure you get a club card or nectar card if tescos or sainburies to get you money back and extra offers!
  • I use Asda cos i always find it cheaper than tesco. Dont like morrisons. I buy it online once a month and get a mixture of own brand and branded stuff - depends what it is!

    However i went to the market at the weekend for the firs time in ages and got a HUGE pack of bacon for ??6.99. I have decided next month im gonna get cupboard stuff, toiletries and few freezer bits from asda and go to the market for fresh stuff.
  • I am a lazybones and get mine delivered, used to use Ocado who were fantastic but they do not deliver to the area we have moved to so am using Sainsbury's who I really like. They have a lot of baby offers and their other offers tend to be money off rather than buy one get one free etc which I think is more helpful on a week by week basis. I get my vegbox fortnightly from Riverdart Organics and that lasts for ages too and try and use my local butchers so we don't have an awful lot from Sainsburys. Sounds like abit of a faff but I have found that by not getting everything from the same place I get better quality food for less money.
  • Well we have Aldi a 5 min walk away, but hardly ever go there...we usually do the big shop at tesco or asda or morrisons, we live in the city so there's so much choice we are spoilt!
  • Well, we live with MIL and she does most of the shopping at Lidl, I do think Lidl have good quality products, just cheaper! Their orange pop is much nicer than fanta.

    When I'm doing the shopping I go to Sainsburys as it's nearest and I don't drive often. They are quite cheap on baby products and often have offers on. Also do good fruit n veg. I also think the Sainsburys basics range is much better than other own-brand ranges. Gabe has the basics fromage frais, sooo cheap 49p for 6. I have tried them and they are way nicer than Muller stars/petit filous etc. Tip for you there lol!
  • i love tescos and most there own brands things like beans etc i buy dearer though there also good for good deals especially on baby products x
  • Use either Asda or Tesco, generally home shopping as it's easier and I tend to spend less. Buy own brand stuff in the main and find it just as good. Before we had the children we always bought "proper" brands but now I'm narked cos I've realised how much we could have saved over the years lol! Shopped at Morrisons this week cos they always seem to have good bargains but not saved anything really as i kept picking "bargains" (or cakes and wine!!!) up on the way round.
  • I use Tesco (usually get it delivered)! I buy value & brand named things depending on the product! I like to ensure meat/eggs is organic/free range etc etc so pay a little more for that, whereas tinned tomatoes/kitchen roll, plus lots more i will buy value.
    We also are members of Costco, where i buy nappies, wipes, squash, toilet rolls & some other bits for cheaper but in bulk.
    Sarah x
    PS - i find doing a shopping list & doing it online makes me stick to what i need & not add extra's to the basket!
  • We usually always shop at Sainsburys mainly because it's 5 mins away but also because I much prefer their own products to other supermarkets. Their chicken is far nicer than any others I've had and even their own 'basics' range is nice like their choccie biccies etc.
    I do Tesco's online now and again and although it's ok, I always end up back at Sainsburys. Shame it is just that little bit too expensive though!
  • We live with mil at the moment 2 n she always buys the brand stuff n shops at tesco or asda, she moans that her shopping costs a fortune but my oh wont eat it unless its branded! She obviously doesnt know him very well coz when we had our own place i shopped at lidl/aldi/netto as money is always tight n i bought whatever was cheapest, my oh never complained n never went hungry! infact i think he'd eat shite if i put sugar on it! I find the cheap supermarkets better than the big chains as u can get all the unusual foreign foods there n i can feed us all on ??80 a month! X
  • i usually go tesco or sainsburys online if the offers are really good i shop at both in the same wk,lol and stock up on the offers.
    i use asda when the nappies r on offer
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