Edinburgh girls help me again!

Any advice or opinions on the location/tuxury/suitability of the following hotels for us to have our first romantic night away from Max (thanks for all your input so far by the way:

Macdonald Holyrood Hotel - has spa and pool etc etc so would be lovely and relaxing (I think) but no idea on the situation - I can get a double room for the bargainous price of ??63!!!!!!
Malmaison - no pool etc etc but ??99 for the room
Radisson SA - has pool etc but would be ??86 for the room

Those are all I have looked at yet.

All those rates are only for a room but I am sure we can get a coffee/croissant somewhere for less than their breakfasts cost???? And a cheap dinner somewhere too??? I don't know edinburgh really but what do you think food wise too!!!!?

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  • Hi Craftycharli

    It really depends on what you want to do in whilst in Edinburgh.

    I live just outside Edinburgh and out of those 3 the only one i have stayed in is the Malmaison. So i will start with that one.

    The Malmaison is in Leith - which is about 10 - 15 taxi/bus into the city centre - maybe more with the tram works that is going on just now. It is a lovely hotel and the Brasserie is nice for something to eat. It was very romantic when we went there and we stayed in a beautiful room. There are quite a lot of nice restaurants near by, Mexican, Italian and the michelin stared restaurant's The Kitchin & Restaurant Martin Wishart. This would be a good choice if you didn't want to be right in the city and just wanted to relax and enjoy a nice meal.

    The MacDonald Holyrood hotel is right at the bottom of the Royal Mile, i don;t really know anything about this hotel - good if you want to visit the scottish parliament and I can recommend a great wee restaurant nearby.

    If you want to be in the city centre then the best one would definitely be the Radisson - Its right on the middle of the Royal Mile. Loads of restaurants and tons of pubs on the grassmarket which is just a short stroll away. Princes Street where the shops are and the gardens and Scott Monument is about 10 minute walk away. As are Rose street which has lovely old man pubs and George Street which caters for more trendy types !

    If you need a hand with anything - give me a shout. Let me know what type of food you would like and i will recommend a couple of places.

    Leah x
  • Oh how exciting a nice weekend away, we need to be doing this soon. Defo stay at the Malmaison if you get the chance and at that price total bonus, ditto what HappyG says (hey Leah waves) . The area is really trendy with lovely little bars, if you go onto www.toptable.com (I think) you will get a deal for The Kitchin & Restaurant Martin Wishart, although wont be cheap but ideal for a special occasion, we keep saying were gonna go and totally spoil ourselves but never quite made it. Only a wee bus /taxi ride from the Princes Street and The Royal Mile.

    Donlt really know the other two you mentioned apart from by view but another good one worth checking out would be The Apex at the Grass Market, we looked at having our wedding reception there and it's really nice and central. We book hotels through hotelconnextions.com and they do some really good deals so worth a look!

    If you and OH like indian I would recommend Ignite (google it) it really is amazing food!

    My fav hotel at the mo is The Glass House but really expensive so unless you want to splash the cash don't even go there lol.

    Hope you have a excellent relaxing break, us mummys and daddys sooooooo deserve it xx
  • ok thanks ladies.

    any others with knowledge please let me know!

    Our budget for the WHOLE weekend including travel is about ??200 so we may have to have fish and chips if we go for the pricier ones! HMMMM!
  • Hey CC, I have stayed in a MacDonald Hotel closer to home and have always been really good. Usually very expensice so I think that's an excellent price.

    I think if you stayed at Malmasion, it would do your head in being stuck in constant traffic going backwards & forwards to the hotel. Being on the Royal Mile or near it would mean that you have everything within walking distance therefore a bomb!

    I would tripadvisor the hotels and see what the reviews are like. I can't imagine the MacDonald not being lovely!

  • Hi,

    1st of all I'm surprised at the amount of Edinburgh mums, why aren't we having a meet? Anyway, back to your post.

    I'm biased about Malmaison as it is on my doorstep. It is a trendy waterfront area that has had loads of development recently. You could have a cheap nice dinner here and drinks without even needing to go into the city centre except for shopping during the day.

    Wouldn't reccommend Macdonald at Holyrood. Some family stayed there recently for my sisters wedding and hated that it was right at the bottom of the royal mile and uphill to go anywhere. Although the hotel was quite nice.

    Can't comment on Radisson as never been there.

    But I have 2 other suggestions,

    the new Apex on Waterloo place. http://www.apexhotels.co.uk/hotels/edinburgh-waterloo-place/
    It is 2 mins from train station and so central. It is brand new and lovely. It has a pool and spa too. We had a work night out there and the restaurant and bar were lovely. they did a great 2 course menu for ??15 a head. One lady from work stayed over and said the rooms were lovely.

    Or for my sister's wedding some guests stayed in a boutique B&B about 10 mins walk from city centre. It was lovely and cheaper than a hotel.

    Do the house tour on left hand menu and pictures of the rooms look lovely.

    Can easily reccommend some nice cheap and cheerful restaurants for dinner too. Just let me know where you book and we can think of somewhere nearby.
    Suz x
  • Suz - I was just thinking that! I didn't realise there were many Mums about here image
  • right ho thanks again ladies!

    Suz - good point about having to go up hill to everywhere - there are mixed reviews of the MacDonald too but it is cheap!

    Don't you lot be meeting while I am there as I don't think hubbie would appreciated being dragged to a BE meet! :lol:

    The Apex on waterloo looks lovely!
  • We can be your personal Tour Guides CC image
    The Apex is lovely

  • ohhhhhhh think you have ALL mentioend the Apex now so maybe it has to be that one??? It is ??94 for the room then the trains youw be ??45 so that is ??140 already of the ??200 budget so YES we may well need your advise on restaurants please!!! image
  • Was gonna say Suz would knw best as she is a Edinurgh Lass I stay 15mils outside.

    Well then Edinburgh ladies lets do a date....I think a great venue would be Time Twisters in Sighthill although ever been hear good reviews and its outside City Centre. Maybe a Sat with the OH's as I work 4/5 days so week days are difficult. Hey the dads can stay with the LO's and us mums can pop over the road for a quick Vino at the local boozer (if only)....?
  • Well why not leave the LO's and just meet in the pub instead?! Haha

    Sighthill is fine with me. What is Time Twisters? A soft play thing? I am not sure DH would come with me to a BE meet! He thinks forums are weird and even werider if you actually meet the people!

  • hey ladies go get your own post :lol: you need to keep a focus here to help me get jiggy image :lol:
  • Yeah TT is a soft play although never been! My OH is the same and thinks I am a bit weird lol. I think yu mentioned you lived in Fakirk, our cousin stays in Polmont and my Best frend stays in maddison. Have you ever been to Benny T's I love it and it's my treat day oot x

    Sorry CC for jumping on your post x
  • Hi Ladies

    I'd be up for a meet - off work for 2 weeks from 11th September so i could do any day in those 2 weeks. Lets start our own thread and as CC said lets focus and help her get jiggy !! xxx
  • Oh meant to say The Glass House is amazing and right in the city centre - next to the play house if you fancy seeing a show - but it is pricey.

    We stayed there about 4 years ago and loved it - it was so romantic !!
  • oh no pressure is on cos the cheap train fares are disappearing FAST! ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH Got to make a choice!
  • Have you called Apex and asked if they would do it cheaper ?
    National Express for train tickets. I got 1st class to London much cheaper on there than anywhere else.
    Although drinks weren't that cheap in Apex (waterloo) bar the food in restaurant was good and 2 courses for ??13.

    If you book Edin then I can easily email with restuarants and bars etc. Go on booook it ! S x

    ps. Yes up for a meet. We should get our own thread. Must be scottish men that think we're a bit odd for chatting on BE. Happy to do time twisters with lo's or a pub without ?? S x
  • Totally not answering your question, but last time I was in Edinburgh I went to the fab market at Castle terrace (think that's where it is). That was a saturday morning but not sure if it's on any other times. It's worth a look if it's a nice day.
    Have stayed at the Carlton George hotel, not sure how much it costs cos I was there for a conference and didn't have to pay - woo hoo - but it was lovely and a great location too.
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