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Nighttime advice?

My little man is now 5 1/2 weeks old he goes to bed at 8 (night time routine starts at 7) with bath bottle story then bed, he goes down beautifully sleeps through has a dream feed between 10-11 and then sleeps till 3-4 for a feed. He then used to go back down and sleep till 7-8.

Problem is since xmas he wont go back down hes wide awake and wants to play, he cries if we put him down waves his arms around in his basket and in mummy or daddys arms and just wont settle if he does sleep it isnt for more than an hour then he cries again.

Tonight were going to try swaddling as it may be waving his arms around waking him but I know hes a bit old to start this and im not certain it will work.

Does anyone have any ideas? He cant do this when my hubby goes back to work or he will be a dead man walking :lol:

Many thanks

Em and Dylan 5 + 2 x x


  • Oh and we cant put him to bed later as he is near on unconcious at 7 when we start routine as weve tried it
  • try keeping the light off and only using the hall way light so he not to get confused night and day, also try not talking when feeding and resettling, perserver and dnt be tempted to play back as i did with dd but stood my ground and soon she realised it wasnt playtime, although even now she wakes at 5 for feed and wants to play then i just place her in cot and leave her to get on with it she moans groans and kicks and waves but after 20mins or so is fast asleep again. this is at 24 weeks lol.

    Sorry not much help.
    Sarah x
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