Anyone use Tommee Tippee anti-colic bottles?

Hey girls. Well James is 6 weeks old today :\) , but he's suffering from colic. His wind clearly builds up during the day, and makes him harder to settle at night. I bought two anti-colic bottles yesterday. Used one at half eight last night. But I found it took James nearly an hour to take the bottle. He usually takes 20 minutes! He was very noisy trying to get the milk out the teat. Did anyone else have this problem? Have just given him milk using the old teat in the new bottle, hoping this doesn't ruin the anti-colic system. He's taken it a lot better, so does seem to be the softer teat. Thanks for your input. xx


  • Hi!
    I used the Tommee Tippee bottles for Flynn for the first couple of weeks, but he didn't get along with them at all! He couldn't latch on to them very easily and dribbled most of the milk out and got terrible wind with them!
    I then changed him onto NUK bottles and now he does really really well!

    Rosalie and Flynn (1month)
  • Hi hun, I didn't use TT, but I did buy Dr Browns and I thought they were a Godsend, you could see the difference in Jack within days! I also thought the teats on these weren't as fast as on the avent bottles and it would take him ages to get the milk so I moved him onto the next stage teat and he was fine with it. He was also 6 weeks at the time. I know they say don't use another teat with the Dr Browns but I'm not sure of the TT one, but I'm sure the advice would be the same.

    I'd try and move him onto bigger teats and see how you get on. Jack had loads of dribbles for the first few days until he got used to the flow.

    HTH xx
  • Dr Browns were great for Toby too - but they are expensive!

    My friend used TT anti-colic bottles for her LO and she still uses them now she is 10-months!

    They work great but sound like LO needed the different teats. What size teats is James normally on? The anti-colic bottles probably come with size 1. You might need to move him up? Just be aware there are different teats for the anti-colic bottles and you need to use those for the bottles to work. I think the anti-colic teats don't have the normal holes the TT teats have.

    Good luck hun xxx
  • Thanks for your replies. James currently uses size 1 teats with the regular bottles. I have seen the size 2 anti-colic teats, and thought about getting them. I think I'll give James a chance to try with the anti-colic size 1 as he might get used to them. Also going to start colief, so hopefully we'll solve lo's windy issues! :lol: xx
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