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My LO has started to come off the bottle and scream early on in his feed. It's not a high-pitched windy cry, more a hungry cry and I'm trying to work out what's wrong. He often sucks all the air out of the teat, so that it kind of goes back into itself, you have to stop and pull it back to shape and he regularly sucks with the rounded part of the teat deflated. Hope that makes sense.

We have been using Tommee Tippee Closure to Nature Easi-vent teats, size 2, medium flow since my LO was about 8 weeks. He's now 12 weeks (14lbs) and I'm wondering if I should change them again. Do you think he might need to go to fast flow? Have you experienced this with the teats and how did you resolve it? Might I just need to buy some new medium ones?

I'm at my wits end and don't honestly know which way to turn, appreciate any advice, thanks xx


  • Didn't want to read & run, but I also use TT CTN teats, and wondered if the 'air hole' in the teat may be blocked or wet? Sometimes this can cause the teat to collapse. Instructions say if this happens to rub the bit on the inside of the teat between fingers, and this should free it up again.

    If this doesn't work, maybe try the next size, or using sterile needle to put hole in one of the teats to see if this improves things. You can then go and buy the next size if this works. Hope things improve soon xx

    Edited to say that the 'air hole' that I refer to is the valve that the other ladies have mentioned...excuse my poor description :lol:

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  • our new teats do this, they are more flexible material and it stops feeding before lo is ready! i'm not sure changing size would make a difference??? i think they have been changed to be more like the breast as when lo is sucking it goes to that shape they would have if they were on the breats iyswim, much prefer the ones that keep thier shape!
  • I use the TT CTN teats for my DD who's currently 21 weeks but we're still on size 2. The next size up are recommended from 6 months on but I did try her with them a couple of weeks ago cuz she was taking a while to finish her bottle but my goodness they flow reeeeeally fast, it was hitting the back of her throat and she was gagging! Horrid! So I switched back to 2's & she's fine (turned out she had a cold, hence why it was taking a while to finish a bottle!!)

    When you assemble the bottles do you use the tongs to pull the teat through & "open" the little valve? TT also recommend that when you feed baby put the valve to baby's nose - supposed to make the flow better.

    Of course you could try size 3's, that's your choice lol but I'd say he's a bit young yet xx
  • I've found that if you have new teats they tend to do the sucking in thing for a few weeks and then they stop it. So hopefully they will soon stop for you guys.

    One thing to be aware of (sorry if you know this already) is that you need to keep the little valve thing at the top as well, above the milk line, to allow it to do its job properly.

    HTH Sandra
  • I use the TT anti colic bottles and the teat doesn't have an anti-colic valve in it at all and all the teats, size one and size two have done the same thing. I generally just wait and the teat goes back to normal unless there is milk trapped in it, then I just press the side of the base of the teat until the milk has been expelled and it goes back to normal. Honestly don't know whether you need to move up a size but I have always found this happened. I think they are more flexible, like piggypops says, to mimic the breast more, which unfortunately can cause this problem x
  • Thanks so much for your replies, I didn't know that the little valve thing had to be at the top (near his nose) so I will definitely be trying that for the next feed. I will also check the air valve for blockages, just in case.

    I do agree that he's too young for size 3's. When we changed to the medium flow a few weeks back, I did try the vari-flow and had milk everywhere, so don't want to repeat that!

    Thanks again, feel so much better that others are experiencing the same xx
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