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Another weigh in post?

I started weight watchers again today and I remember there used to be a post where people updated their weight every week. I thought it would be a good idea to bring it back because I know alot of people are on diets ;\) Im also wondering wether or not to invest in stackers? Are the tablets quite big? I find it hard to swallow pills but if they work I may force them down lol....anyway....heres my weigh in for today....:\)

Starting weight (29/08/08) 11st 8lbs

I would like to get down to 8 stone again but I would be happy with 10 stone!!

Anyone else want to join me?



  • hi, im 11.13 would like to get to 10.7 but my pre pregnancy weight was 11 stone so ill even settle for that lol xx

  • Hi my weight on tuesday (my weigh in day at WW) was 10st 3, my pre preg weight was 9st 4. I was on ww before I got preg and my goal was 8st 10, so I will aim for that again. Seems pretty impossible most days though!!!
  • does anyone else still wearin their maternity jeans? *blush*

    they are so comfy lol.

    the strange thing is, my maternity jeans are a size 10 and normal jeans are a 14 (if i breathe in)

    my size 10 mat jeans make me feel good about myself hehe!!

    god i hope i weigh even a little less next week, i feel like a blob
  • have u loked aroud the site for weigh ins... on the march 08 thread we have a weekly weigh in... u dont have to be on a diet to join....
  • hi im 12 st 9 today and want to be 10 st 9 long way to goimage
  • Hi,

    I want to get back to my pre preg weight of 10st 7lbs. Was 11st 13lbs after baby and have got down to 11st 7lbs so far. Did rosemary connely diet a few years ago and lost 2 stone then so know I can do it but seems so much harder now.

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