post pregnancy cravings

Does anyone have any carvings left over from pregnancy? I still crave hot salsa and eat a jar of it every day. I think I could easily eat three or four jars a day. Do we ever get over these things?:lol:


  • I craved Pate all through my pregnancy but obv. couldn't have it. We always have it as a starter at Xmas dinner so i waited until then and then ate pretty much a whole tub lol, but it was weird how i craved it even once not pregnant any more until i got it x
  • Just after lo was born all I wanted to eat was peanuts in any form! Peanut M&M's, peanut butter on toast. Makes me feel sick to think about it now but just after Alf arrivd I couldn't get enough! x
  • I craved ice cubes in the last few months of my pregnancy and still do now!
  • I always get random cravings and did before pregnancy too, so was worried how i'd cope with them magnified. Just reading this JamDonut has given me my pate craving back, yummy! Warm bread is another, freshly baked. xxx
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