Holidays- how do you manage them with a bottlefeeding LO?

Hello!! Hope everybody had lovely christmases?

I have what may seem like a daft question, but what do you do when you go on holidays with your LO with regards to taking all the bottle feeding stuff? We're thinking of going away somewhere sunny with the LO who is currently 9 weeks. Not yet, maybe May time when he'll be around 6-7 months. Ideally, we'd like to go abroad but how do you manage with the sterilisers, bottles, formulas? At the momnent, it seems impossible, but there must be easier ways of doing things?

Any advice greatfully received!!



  • milton tablets and ready made formula image the ready made is a tad more expensive but worht it for easyness on hols. x
  • My girls are 7 months and only on 3 bottles a day each now.
    As mousenose says, milton tablets are a great idea, or microwave steriliser bags. I used these when we went away last weekend.

    Ready made formula is an option but is quite expensive. You could always take a tub as usual and use boiled Evian to make it up. Apart from that, by then your LO should be weaning so a hand blender may be useful xx
  • I think that Abby was down to 1 bottle a day by 7 months (she certainly only has one now - at 8 months, but can't remember exactly when she dropped it) and to be honest, I dont always sterilise her bottles any more (the steriliser got put away over christmas, as we needed the worktop space) and she is fine - although we do wash her bottles in the dishwasher on a very hot wash.

    Anyway, my very long winded point, is that it is hard to know exactly what you will need, until the time comes, but it is definately do-able, especially at 6-7 months, he may be on mashed or finger food by then (so you wont need a blender) and you might feel ok with just scalding things with boiling water rather than taking a steriliser.

  • We took our lo abroad when he was 4 months and it was very easy. We managed to borrow an Avent steriliser whilst we were there but took some microwave sterilising bags as a back-up. As for the water I never bothered to boil it, just looked in the shop for the bottled water with the least sodium in. x
  • Milton tablets take up the least room and I too used mineral water with the lowest sodium content but I still boiled it. We went to Mexico when lo was 10 months and it was fab! I took a normal carton of formula in my suitcase and ready made for on the flight and it was fine! We had a great time so would heartily recommend it!!
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