im being a bit of a lazy mummy at the moment and giving grace jars of food. i use Boots organic as they seem to have the best ingredients in. just food no additives or anything.

what make does everyone else use?



  • I use any really to vary the choice. I normally give home made but give her a jar for variety.
    I use Heinz (Mum's Own & Globe trotters), Hipp Organic and Cow & Gate.
    I have used Boots Organic in the past. Charlotte liked the veg & steak one.
  • grace loves the ham and pasta one, i love the william pear pudding!

  • Hiya, i normall make my own but like most mummies need a break from time to time, my LO likes Hipp Organic which don't have any added water, he likes quite strong flavours, have used Boots Organic too and think they're good.
  • Hey, Have just finished making a butternut squash puree-what a bloomin' faf! We use jars too HIPP ones as they're on offer in ADSA at the minute 8 for ??3.50 well actually it's Cow and Gate and Heinz. So we;re well stocked up and I mix 'em with the homemade stuff too .To be honest I'm sure he prefers the jars! Hadn't thought of Boots for baby food will have a look x
  • I use Ellas kitchen. there is absolutely NOTHING in them but pure fruit and veg! Just like making your own!
    They come in a tothpaste sort of tube and you just squeeze it out. fab.
    Plum ones are good as well - even less ingredients than boots organics. x
  • where do you get Ellas kitchen from?
  • Oh Mrs E they sound good I agree with kell2 where can you get them from is it internet or a shop? Hope they do 'em up North!!x
  • We used Hipp organic with Sophie from the beginning and some of cow&gate ones too to give her a bit more of variety. They both tasted good and had no colouring and we only picked the ones with no salt or sugar. But to be honest if we had another baby I would love to cook for them right from the scratch. Mind you I understand not everyone has got time for it, The jars are very good these days and Sophie didnt turn to be fussy eater at all, she will much just about everything x
  • oooh will have a look Lea Pea thank you! xx
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