Other than Annabel Karmel.....

Can you please recommend any other good cook books for babies?
I use the AK baby meal planner book alllllllll the time, and the top 100 purees, so looking for inspiration please!
My DD is 8 months, eats really well & is good with finger foods too.
Thanks :\) x


  • Organix has some recipes on their website and so does HIPP Organic too I think? xx
  • I have 'Cooking for Babies' as well as AK, and there are a few different recipies in there which are nice. I got it from The Book People at work when I was preggers for the bargain price of ??3 image It's by Sara Lewis here's an Amazon link, I hope it works!!!

  • Gina Ford's books have quite good recipes in. Esp for more finger type foods (chicken & butterbean burgers, courgette muffins, potato rosti's)

    I haven't got her proper recipe book but have the weaning book and Feeding Made Easy. If it'-s just recipes then maybe get the recipe book. I'm going to as I've been impressed with the recipes from the other books (for OH and I as well as for Beth)

  • not a book, but sainsburies little oen have lots of fab recipes online, and if u join up they send u the odd recipe card too..


    hth xx

  • Thank you ladies for your help, there's a lot here that will give me new ideas for sure! x
  • Lorraine Kelly has a fab cookbook, much better than Annabel Karmel. It's a bit random and was written ages ago, but you can still get it on Amazon... and after seeing AK on Panorama, I'd rather not add to Ak's riches!!!
  • Fay Ripley has done a normal cook book but at the bottom of most of the recipies she tells you how to adapt it for babies. Therefore you are only making one meal for the whole family.
  • I have a book called 'The Best Recipes for Babies & Toddlers' by Renee Elliott which has some fab ideas in it although I can only say that from a theoretical point of view as I haven't started weaning yet. I think my mum got it from one of those book people who visit various workplaces with cheap offers.
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