7week old sleeping?pls help!?

Can someone please advise just to
keep my mind at rest- am suffering with
PND and a big part is worrying so any
advise would be greatly appeciated!

Poppy is 7weeks now... And after feeding
every 1-3hours for all her weeks she's been
here... She has thrown a spanner in the works

I'm breastfeeding but tried a formula bottle
last night at 2300...she slept through until I
woke her at 0800 otherwise she would have
carried on sleeping..then she had a small feed
but was very sleepy..then she didn't feed
again until 1400 and has slept since 1500 until
now... Is this normal?

Should I be waking her for more feeds?

How often should 7week olds feed?what'd
normal please help! It's driving me nuts!


  • Don't panic! My lo has the odd day where he just sleeps loads. She is probably going through a growth spurt hence needs lots of sleep.

    Just keep your eye on her as long as she is feeding ok when she is awake and having wet nappies I wouldn't worry too much.
  • Hi hun. Sorry to hear you have PND, must really be messing with your head. Ok, so there are a few growth spurt around 6 and 8 week, Poppy could be sleeping more because the growing happens when they sleep. Although some babies take more milk, some just sleep more. My lo has done both, he's 24 weeks now. But mostly it was more sleep. It could also be that as you gave a bottle, she was fuller. When you BF as you know you can't measure how much they are taking. Little and often doesn't always fill them up. If you are happy she isn't ill, ie. she doesn't have a temp, is alert when awake, and peeing/pooing as normal. Then I wouldn't worry. If it's 2 growth spurt they usually last a few days. If you need to just give your HV or GP a quick ring, that's what they're there for. Hope that helps. xx
  • TBH, I would not let her go more than 3-4 hours during the day without feeding at that age - especially if it is hot where you are (it's boiling in London at the minute). I would enjoy the nice quiet nights though! image

  • phoebe is 7weeks today and she has days when she seems to spend most of the day sleeping and others when she spends most of the day awake. once she is asleep at night she will usually go straight through til morning, the only problem im having is getting her to stay in bed in the first place. i think im actually a little to hard on both her and myself, i had been letting her sfall asleep on me and then decided to change it so that she doesnt get into bad habits but i had a stressful few nights settling her lying in the cot and decided that at 7weeks its surely not that bad still rocking her off if she is amazing at sleeping once she is off? i figured it makes me happier having a contented sleeping baby for now and maybe il try making her settle herself again once she starts taking to long to fall asleep on me maybe.x
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