Anyone heard from...

Cazmac 10 (Carrie & Faith)? She's not been on here for a while and I know she was having to take Faith to the hospital for tests. Just wondering if anyone knows if her & Faith are ok?
Thanks xx


  • No, she was last on a few weeks ago would be good to hear how faith is?
    Also where is Tommysmum (lee) she hasn't been on in ages, did I miss something with her?\Hope all is ok xx
  • not too sure hun, is she on facebook? xxx
  • Oh thanks Zoey, was getting a bit worried about her. I'm not on fb so didn't know anything. Sorry to here her niece had died and that Tommy has been ill.
    If possible can you let Carrie know i'm thinking of her?
    Thanks, Hayley xx
  • glad to hear they are both ok.
    sorry about carrie's niece, that's really sad.
    thanks for letting us know xx
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