Anyone tried distance learning?

Hi all, hope everyone is ok. As i'm feeling that my brain is turning to mush, I was thinking of doing an a level in either biology or physics. There are some colleges local to me which do them as evening classes, but I like the idea of the flexibility of distance learning so I could work around Riley and his routines. Has anyone tried this sort of course at all? I don't want to waste my money, but i'd love to to it if it'll be worth it in the long run.

xxx :\)


  • I've not done A-levels via distance learning but I've been studying with the Open University for years and they're great. The support is fantastic, the course materials are top class and the courses are really good value for money. I do it mainly to stop my brain turning to mush rather than for the qualifications but if you want to you can easily study for diploma's and degree's. There are no entry requirements so if you wanted to you could do the entry level science course straight away. That was the first course I studied with them and I really enjoyed it.
  • I've just started an access to midwifery distance learning course. I'm just waiting for my first module after sending my Induction off this morning.
  • Bedhead- Thanks for that, it's good to know they provide the support. Is the entry level science like a foundation course for moving onto a degree course?

    NicPink- Good luck with your course, hope your stuff gets to you quickly!

  • The course I did would actually count towards a degreee, it's roughly equivalent to half of the first year of a university degree course. If you finish it successfully then you get a qualification 'Certificate of Natural Sciences' They do offer courses designed as an introduction to distance learning so if you aren't sure about the longer course (it takes about 9 months) you could always try one of those first.
  • Wow, that sounds great! Will have a look on their website now I think. Have been looking mainly at ics. I feel a bit nerdy as I'm quite excited about starting something, lol. xxx
  • lol, I get excited every year when I register for a new course! I've actually done enough modules now for a degree, shame I keep changing my mind about what subject to study really!!!
  • Go you! Which subjects interest you? Just looking at the ou website now to see about payment. It says about using tesco deals vouchers as well, lol. xxx
  • Ooohh I forgot about the Tesco vouchers, they're fab!! You get 4 times the value of your clubcard vouchers, I got ??120 off my course this year. I started off doing Life sciences, then I got bored so I did some Psychology, then I got bored again so I'm now doing Maths. Might carry on with the maths as I like the fact it has a right and wrong answer, psychology is a bit too vauge for me!
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