obstectric cholestasis any experience UPDATED

Hiya, was just wondering if anyone on here has had any experience with obstectric cholestasis, how did it start, how did you feel and when was id diagnosed? Im getting a bit concerned that i have it and would to hear about other peoples symptoms and experiences xxx

Hello everyone that has replied..just to let you know i had some bloods done at hospital this morning for a liver function test and they rang back saying that they were 'boderline'?? And so i have to go back in the morning for another blood test? I didnt think the blood result would change that quickly?? xxx

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Well, i went back in on monday for more bloods, and to monitor baby etc. That took 6 hours because i had to have a doctor do my bloods as i ahave difficult veins! Then i got a phonecall in the evening to say they were still borderline again and to go back in the morning for another check-up etc etc. So went in on tuesday, waited about 5 hours to see the registra who said that i needed to be admitted ontothe ward to be monitered and to have an urgent liver scan. So....i go back onto ward and am monitered and told they will let me know when the scan will be. However, the day got late and the midwives said cant fit you in today at ultrasound, but tomorrow morning. I had more bloods taken by doctor and waited and waited, at lunchtime they told me that the ultrasound department would not scan as not urgent enough (life or death) as was busy. So registra and SHO tried to push for a scan but they wouldnt do it today!! So..i was discharged late this afternoon with piriton, and told the ultrasound deaprtment will ring with appointment over the next 2-3 days and that i will have a follow up appointment and baby scan with consultant just afterwards because they want to check everything ok with growth etc. So basically i was admitted into hospital for urgent scan...but they were too busy. What a hassle but sadly, not a surprise. Im angry at the situation but the staff...they were lovely. BUT im still no closer to knowing whats going on. xxx

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  • Queen Bee - thank you soo much!
    What do you think?
    I started itching last sunday on my arms and legs but have also been feeling 'not well' with pain in my right side/ back so doctors have been testing for kidney infections. The last two days however, the itch has move to my palms and sometimes soles of feet and for this reason i am going to call assessment unit in the morning to ask for a blood test. Its not unbearable yet, but particularly worse in the evening. Can i ask if your urine was darker as well? I only ask because i thought there was blood in my urine (hence uti investigation) as it was so dark, but not at every time i go. Just wanted some personal advice from someone who actually experienced it! xxx
  • hiya, thanks for geting back to me, I have been feeling generally unwell for 2 weeks, sudden bouts of tirdness and nausea but not likei had experienced before. I will just have to see what the assessment unit says, hopefullythey will check it out...but i wont hold out too much hope. I will keep you posted and thanks again for all yourlovely help xxx
  • Hi Em 29

    Sorry to hear you've having a rough time of it. I haven't had any experience of it, so can't be of any help but here is a link to the Royal College of Obstetric and Gynaecology patient information on obstetric cholestasis which may be of some help.


    Hope you manage to get the right support x
  • hiya,

    my OC isnt as bad as Queen Bee's was, but still my LFT's were very high.

    im booked in for induction on monday, and i'll be 37+4 then.

    by the sounds of it, to me, you are showing signs of OC, but im no doctor, so i would suggest you either speak to your local triage or go to your local hsop to the AN dept and get looked at in the morning

    i felt like i had the flu, without actually bein full of cold, i kept having nose bleeds, and went to the loo a hell of a lot more.

    luckily i have a fab consultant, who is very aware of OC and has loads of experience. plus my midwife noticed the symptoms straight away and has been so supportive.

    let us know how you get on, the main thing is that you get checked out asap and put your mind at rest
  • Thankyou also to mrs fox and emily ( and queen bee)! I know different peopke have different symptoms of it but i like you emily, having been weeing ridiculous amounts (but small amounts sometimes very dark) and have be insatiably thirsty for well over a week now. I have not had nose bleeds but too feel like flu in the sense that i get awful aching body and tiredness and nausea which i feel is different to anything i experienced with morning sickness etc. Thsnks so much - will call antenatel in a couple of hours as have been awake with itching on hands and feet, overactive brain! and thirst! xxx
  • good luck em29 !!

    get as much help/info/support as you can ... read up plenty as Queen Bee suggested and prepare yourself !! my levels were no where near as bad, but my itching has been awful, i really cant imagine how bad queen bees was!!!!!

    good luck at antenatal and let us know how you get on !!
  • http://www.britishlivertrust.org.uk/home.aspx

    Hi Em29

    this is the website that most hospitals would recommend for women suffering from ICP.

    signs are generalised itching, but more common on palms and soles, so you are doing right by getting checked out. however, try not to worry too much, as many women also get Pruitus of pregnancy which can be very similar.

    most units -if not all, do take it very seriously, and the treatment is Ursodeodycholic Acid (Ursofalk), but the only thing that will cure it is delivery of the baby!

    management has changed in recent years, as daily monitorings were done, but it is generally agreed now that weekly bloods and 1-2 weekly monitorings of the baby are done.

    because of medication and monitoring, still births are far less frequent than in the past, so dont worry too much about that - your midwife/ dr will tell you what to look out for
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