Does you Lo have.......

..... a song.

all our boys have have songs either that they sing/dance to themselves or that we've chosen coz it just fits.

Ehat is your LOs song?

James - Kick Push

Isaac - Damien Marley, Beautiful. He LOVES this song he dances (we are trying to teach him to skank - its so cute) and when he was little I used to sing it to him and he'd fall asleep!

Tyler - Y-Tribe, Baby (forward to 1min 15secs)

Micheal Buble - Everything - I sing this to all my boys! - - I love Micheal Buble, hes gorgeous - he could sing to me anytime!

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  • Ashton loves Kings of Leons, Sex on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stops everything when it comes on the tv, lol. xxxx
  • archie LOVES the audi advert.... the one where they make the car out of paper and the advert itsself is hand drawn....he stops and looks at the tv and smiles its so cute!!
  • Oscar also loves Kings of Leon - Sex on fire lol! His daddy sings it to him but changes the words to Oscar is on fiiiiireeee lol. I think it was just released when he was born and we used to sing it to him when he was tiny having his nappy changed to calm him down and it's sort of stuck! x
  • Charlotte is a rock chick and likes Guns n Roses & Kings of Leon. Anything with a good strong beat really that she can bop to!
  • Oh dear, I hate to admit it but Zacky doesnt take after mommy and daddy at the mo, but he has pleanty of time for his taste to change LOL. He likes Pussycat dolls and Girls aloud, He also likes the ING ads on TV, COnfused .com and cant think what the company is now, but its the add with the red phone on it. A bit different to us as we like rock, goth, indie and 70's / 80's cheese. LOL.

    Zacky also likes twinkle twinkle little star.
  • Kelsie loves Scissor Sisters - I don't feel like dancing!! She is sooo cute when she dances!! Proud mummy moment!!

  • Ethans would's-so what

    Grace's is.....spongebob squarepants. lol

    Both of them stop eating or doing whatever they are doing when these come on. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • brooke seems to like beyonce- single ladies and dances like a loon!! I HATE IT!!! lol.. but its cute!! xx
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