help whys she doing this?

for past 2 days millie has suddenly started screaming for no reason! she'd be playing or cooing away smiling then suddenly starts screaming!! then i'll calm her down and she goes back to smiling away!!?? why is this?? any ideas?? shes done it around 5pm last 2 days??! i was playing with her then turned away could it be this? she does seem to cry or whinge when u leave the room in the day too.


  • hmmm, Braedon has been prone to this behaviour too...fine if I am talking and playing with him but if I stop and -god forbid- leave the room, he whinges and sometimes screams depending on how tired he is!
    Think my daughter used to do this too and i think i got over it by leaving the room slowly and by walking backwards so not turning my back on her, she then didn't get so upset whn i did eventually disappear out of sight!!!! xxx
  • could something be making her jump? Theo does this too and it seems to always be when theres a sudden noise, it doesnt even have to be a loud one. It could be a cough or the heating clicking on or the noise on the tv.
  • she does do it if she gets scared she was watching baby tv at the time so maybe?? my dog barked once and she screamed! u maybe right! shes 12 weeks. but she did it yesterday when my oh was playing with her and there was no loud noises!
  • not sure babe had she been a little younger i would have thought colic but i think she is a little old to get that now x
  • constipated? xx
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