Chicken Pox Remedies Please!

Woke up this morning to see mt baby was swapped for a spotty, miserable, irritable one! Was up for 4 hours last night as she wouldn't settle. Regular baths seem to soothe her, but anything else to help her feel more comfortable??

She's even got one on her bottom eye lid bless her! Excuse the dummy, only thing that seems to comfort her (except me!) xox


  • Apply Calomine lotion. Make sure you keep her cool as she could have a temp. make sure you only put her in cotton clothes so she doesn't itch more than she needs to! Keep her fluid intake up esp if she doesn't feel like eating (not sure if u are weaning).
    Other than that plenty of cuddles - and the dummy to comfort her!
  • Thanks ladies! I put on Calamline lotion, but it doesn't seem to help at all! She doesn't want to drink much, so seems so upset with this. She's also teething and runny nose.

    Joanne I've never heard of oatmeal baths before, can I use original/plain 'oats so simple' sachets, got plenty of those in the cupboard! Just haven't got a blender, so sent oh out to get 1 from Argos, I trust you as you've had loads of experience, so I'm going to give it a try, hopefully it helps her. Thank u Y.M xox

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  • Try using aqueous calomine cream rather than the lotion, it moisturises rather than drying the skin so helps with the itching. x
  • Well, she's had the oatmeal bath, then I put on aqueous calamine cream. She's had her dinner and is now tucked up in bed! She doesn't seem to be as irritated as last night. She won't touch medised, do they have to make it taste SO strong?! lol. I gave her a does of baby ibuprofen that tastes sweet like sherbet. Can't wait for them to go, but if she had a rough night tonight she's going doctors in the morning. xox
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