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I hadn't really thought about what i'll do when Louise grows out of our baby bjorn but tiger lily's topic has got me thinking. My mum would really use one when she has my lo and takes her dogs out for walks and I think i'll miss using it too. Which of the slings you posted about would you really recommed - what are the pros and cons? my mum and I would pay half each for it (we talking about it yesterday while walking her dogs) and would both need to use it. We'd want to be able to use it for as long as possible!

thank you



  • argh just wrote a long reply but it didn't show up! grrrrrrrr!

    Hollyoaks is just on so will write a reply later :lol:

    basically the Mei Tai and from this site


    sorry will write more later x
  • Sorry, just sticking my oar in!!!

    I ripped one of my ring slings the other day and, having seen how comfy el_pinko's lo looked in his, decided to replace it with a Mei Tai. While I was googling for more info I found a free pattern online to make your own. It's pretty straightforward to do so if you are at all crafty it might be worth a look, I can find you the link if you want. I am just waiting for my fabric to arrive and then I am going to have a bash at it. It didn't work out much cheaper than the funkysling ones but I got to pick exactly what fabric I wanted.
  • Hi, sorry bout that....

    Firstly here is some info on the Mei Tai (pronounced My Tie).

    A Mei Tai is a traditional Chinese baby carrier consisting of a rectangular piece of fabric and four straps. The two shorter straps tie around the waist and the two longer straps go over the shoulders. The shoulder straps are lightly padded to make wearing the FunkySlings Mei Tai more comfortable.

    FunkySlings Mei Tais are made of high quality cotton fabrics and are well stitched numerous times on he inside with strong Gutermann threads. We use designer cotton fabric to the front of the mei tai giving it a stylish, unique and refreshing look while the reverse side and straps are made of very strong and sturdy yet soft and comfortable cotton drill. As FunkySlings Classic Mei Tais are fully reversible you can share with anyone, who prefers solid colour to printed patterns. FunkySlings Dual Mei Tais have designer prints on both sides and cotton drill on the inside to make it extra sturdy.

    The FunkySlings Mei Tai is soft and comfortable for newborns when tied appropriately; great for breastfeeding and carrying babies with head control in either front or back carry; and very light and compact and therefore perfect for a toddler that cannot decide between wanting to be carried and wanting to run around exploring the world.

    As the weight is distributed evenly over both shoulders if tied correctly, the FunkySlings Mei Tai is also very suitable for people with back problems. The straps are long enough to fit most people but should you need longer or shorter straps we can provide custom made mei tais.
    A good mei tai has wide straps. FunkySlings mei tais have wide padded straps, which measure approximately 12cm when laid out flat. Some newer versions have even wider straps.

    The measurements of the FunkySlings Classic Mei Tai body vary slightly (+/- 2.5cm/ 1 inch) but the average width is 16.5 inches and the average length is 21 inches. Dual Mei Tais follow the same measurements but Isis Mei Tais are toddler versions, which can also be used for newborns but have to be rolled up from the bottom. Isis Mei Tais are extremely useful for carrying your tiny baby in a froggy (crouching) position in the early weeks.

    There are no hidden straps in our mei tai bodies as this created pressure points on your baby's back. Instead the mei tai body cradles your baby like a vertical hammock and supports the spine's natural growing process.
  • Secondly Pros and Cons

    Babies/toddlers leg wrap round your waist rather than hanging straight down so you don't knock them when walking.
    You can wear in around your back in a piggy back style so better for an older toddler.
    It crosses over at the back so evens out the weight.
    I wore it for a long length of time walking the dog and didn't feel uncomfortable.
    It is machine washable!
    One size fits most (cradle/ring slings tend to be made for your size so may not fit you and your mum if not the same dress size/height).
    Comes in lots of funky colours.
    Not too bad on prize.
    The Mei Tai on funky slings is reversable so if you fancy a change or you like a pattern but your mum wants it plain, it can easily be changed.

    hmmmmm.....i can't really think of any.......it's not waterproof???
    It can be difficult to master how to put it on at first and didn't come with instructions but i think you can get them off the website.
    Lots of people will stop you and ask where you got it from! :lol:

    Zach a baby at about 9 months


    Zach a toddler at 15 months


    i hope this helps :\)
  • Great, thanks very much for that!
  • and bedhead - i'm not crafty when it comes to things like that........great to have your own made exactly as you want it though!
  • Oh sorry to gatecrash but I have the same problem - Amber loves our baby bjorn and will need something else when she outgrows it?? When will that be then?? So me thinks I shall get on of these Mei Tei things, Emma she looks so comfy in hers on your picces in facebook and I LOVE the colour, matches your hair image xxx
  • dont worry about gate crashing!

    you can use a baby bjorn until lo's weight reached 22lb according the the website. I hadn't really thought about using one until lo came long and she always wanted to be close to me. I didn't put much thought into which one to get at the time! It's been worth the money (especially as my mum paid for it lol) but a shame that i'll have to stop using it before sometime soon...louise weighs 18lb 6oz at the moment!
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