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Morning mums!
Well I'm going to be needing a double buggy now and just wondered if anyone had one or had any recommendations as to which ones are good? Its going to be used for a newborn and a 11 month old.


  • I d go for phil and teds ...

    When we have our 2nd one, and if not too far apart, I ll be going for that one.

    I think they re comfy and not HUGE as other double buggies.

    Ahh your babies will be so close!
  • Definately the Phil and Ted's. Both my two love ours, the seats are really cosy and have plenty of space for when they get big. It's also really easy to push and steer.
  • The only thing I dont like about those is that the younger one cant see out, which is fine for a newborn but by about 3-4 months they want to see out.
  • TBH Barney has been in the seat since he was about 3 1/2 months as the little monkey refused to lie down any way!! We did have a few weeks where he didn't much like the pram because he couldn't see anything but for me the long term advantages of the Phil and Ted's were enough to make it worth putting up with that.

    My lil sis used to work in a nursery shop and she really rated the NIpper 360. It's a side by side so it is much wider but it does look really, really good. Unfortunately for me I couldn't get onto any of our local footpaths with a side by side or I probably would have bought that.
  • Carley Barley are you pregnant again? Congratulations!
    There is exactly 12mnths 3 weeks between Erin and Joe and it took me ages to chose a double buggy, i didnt like any of them, i thought they were all so ugly. I eventually decided on a phil and teds sport and i'm soooo pleased i did, it's great!
    Erin (15mnths) loves it and Joe (12 weeks) is still in the cocoon and is so warm and snuggly, i too was worried about the baby at the back not being able to see much but they wont know any thing different will they? IMO it is defo the best on the market.
    Katie. x
  • We've just moved into quite a big house so room isnt really a problem. I really like the first wheels city twin buggy but its really really expensive!
    Yep erinsmummy I am preggo again! I'm not very far on, only 7 weeks but its all very exciting! How do you find having such a small gap?
  • lol your not jealous seriously?! I feel siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick image
  • Hi,
    Wow congratulations again! I have a slightly bigger gap than you, about a month! LOL! I found being pregnant with a very little baby to care for all day long very hard work, but then i didnt have the easiest of pregnancys, horrible all day long sickness, spd and sciatica but on a positive note i didnt have time to sit around feeling sorry for myself unlike the 1st time. Me and oh say Joe is the best accident ever! Looking after the two of them isnt too bad at the mo, they are both really good on the whole. Poor Joe though he just tends to get fed and put down fed and put down and so on. Erin is the hardest work as now she's walking she's all over the place. We bought a play pen once Joe was born and it's great i can pop her in there for 10 mins and at least i know she's safe. I would defo recommend one. I'm sure you'll manage fine hun. My days are non stop and some days 19:00 is my favourite time!
    If you wanna chat, you know where to find me.
    Take care.
    Katie. X
  • Hiya hun thanks. I'm feeling ok so far, really tired by the evening but think I would be anyway! Morning sickness isnt too bad, I always feel a bit queasy when I get up in the morning but I have to leave the house at 8:30 to take Abby to school and its about a 20 minute walk which I think helps. I'm dreading getting big though, I was massive with Theo and I mean truly massive! I'm only 5ft 2 but always measured 5 weeks ahead of my dates. I had really bad SPD with Theo, I was on crutches for the last month so really hoping that doesnt come back.
    I really like that graco one! I can have a carseat on it too which is good.
  • I've got the Graco and throughly reccomend it. We've got 12 months.2 weeks between ours and its perfect!! We found a online place called kiddicare the best price at that time!!

  • wow congratulations hun,im sure i can remember you on the pregnancy forum when i was pregnant with grace.Its so exciting im slightly jealous!! xxx
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