bad mummy award goes to...

me today. LO was sat in bouncy chair next to me on comp and when i got up i didnt notice my trouser leg was caught under his chair so i got up and it flipped him over onto his face on a baby book..

feel so obvious damage but he screamed really bad.managed to calm him down with lots of cuddles but it was horrible hearing him cry like that knowing i caused it.

do you think i ought to get him checked over...he seems ok but cos he landed on his head?:\(


  • Hello mousenose,

    Just to say we all have made mistakes like this, dont think you are a bad mummy cos you are not.

    In regards to head injury, my hv informed me that so long as your lo cried straight away he is most likely to be okay. If he didnt and there was a puase there is a chance that he could have blacked out/unconscious then yes get checked out. as he sick soon after?

    My hv said to give her a call and she would check my lo over if in doubt. This would save unecessary time wasted up A+E.
    Go by your instinct, if he appears/acts as noraml he is most probably ok. If you suspedct something then I would give your hv a call and get her to come and check him over, or get a GP apt if you can.

    If he seems in pain give him medication as appropriate and put a flannel to head if you suspec t a bump/bruise.

    hth xxx
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