red baby poo

hi girls my son is 14 months and yesterday his nappy had what looked like bloody poo in it. took him straight to hospital where they took the nappy for testing and did other varous tests on him. wasnt blood we were told 6 hours later and we were sent home with an appt to go back in a week. the only explanation they gave was that bettroot made poo red. which he has never tried. today poo is still red. have now contacted my health visitor to get in touch with me as i am really worried. i know its not blood but surely it should not be red. i know that poo gets it colour from enzymes ore something so im now worried that he has some sort of digestive problem! anyone else know anything about any of this. other than the poo he seems fine.


  • Can't really help, but it could be something he's ingested that's not really red. Have a think about what he's eaten and drunk over the last few days. Don't think only beetroot can change the colour. Also does he have crayons, plastercine, that sort of thing?

    Just a thought. xx
  • tomato soup would doo this to my ds1?
  • Anything with tomatoes did this to my dd1.
  • my son used to have red poo after spag bol, not bright red obviously...?
  • thanks girls. poo is now normal colour again. the only thing he ate that was red was red jelly with custard. but when we told the doc at the hospital he said it would completely dissolve in the stomach and should not cause this. but when i had a look online yestaerday as well as scaring myself silly it did say red gelatin could cause red poo. so will try green or yellow jelly next time just to be sure.
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