fao lara n chloe

hi hun how is she getting now. Wont finger foods are you giveing her i running out ideas (milk free stuff)


  • hi hun i glad chloe is doing let hope she grows out of it soon.
    faith going in on 13th she had another weight loss over christmas and mange to but weight back on . she allway being ill. i am just really having a bad day of it all just wont all sorted. i am having problem with mil as she think there nothing wrong with her my oh had words with her she realy doing my head in.
    sorry for moaning
  • thank you hun just had weighed she 5oz on 4 days not bad at all
    i can uselly tell when lost weight it allway when start be sick agin and ill
    faith not bin sick for 12 days its mad i just do not now wont making her sick
    how chloe weight doing hun
  • bless her faith was 75th line now 2nd wont a little monster she into everything she growing to quick at lest i can get penty of wear out of her cloths te he
  • you should see the amout of cloths she got to many
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