Nappy wraps

Can anyone recommend a good wrap for going over a pre-fold nappy? We got the Bambino nappies with dd1 but I didn't like the wraps as I thought the velcro band across the front was too uncomfortable for lo, they are quite big and very stiff and sort of dug into her tummy when sitting up. Instead of using the Bambino Mio wraps we got some other ones which are much softer as so more comfortable. They say Bumpy on the label but I can't remember where we got them from. Anyway we are using them again with dd2 but they seem to be losing their waterproofness (is that a word?) so we need to get some new ones. So if anyone else uses pre-folds can you recommend a good wrap or if you use Bambino Mio have they changed the style of their wraps to make them more comfy?


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