for those that had 1st babies before due date did you..

also have your second baby early.

i know its a bit premeture but i have been thinking about our next baby, i laboured at 38+6 and ended up with an emergency section, i will be offered a section next time but as they dont perform these at my hospital til 39 weeks i am worried if i decide not to go for a VBAC that i will end up with another emergency one,

do i now have a higher chance of an early delivery?

becca and jacob
12 weeks, 2 days


  • Um thats a hard one, my mum had me 8 weeks prem and went on to have 3 more babies all born 38.5 weeks +.
    i had my son 10months ago at 35.3,no idea why he arrived so early but he was a healthy 6lb-15oz and is now fab !
    I asked the same question after my delivery and the midwife said there is no way of knowing at all, you may well go over due next time!!!
    So i guess its just a wait and see job sorry im prob not helping your dilema at all x
  • Hi PP, I had my first at 38+6, and second only 5 days early, and 3rd on her due date!

    A friend of mine had her 1st 2 babies very early (something like 29wks and 37wks) and was booked into her hospital for a cs at 39wks (for a breech). She tried to explain to them that she had never yet carried a baby to 39wks, but to no avail! They would not book her in any earlier than 39wks.

    She did go into labour earlier than this (I think 38wks) - but just went to the hospital straight away, and they immediately prepped her for a cs. So if this does end up happening to you, don't worry - it is not so bad as labouring, trying to have the baby and then ending up with an emergency cs.

    Course, it doesn't necessarily mean you will be early with your next one - each pregnancy is v different.


  • my first 3 were 35 weeks and 4th 39weeks
  • I had my 1st baby at 29 wks due to PE,but i had my 2nd baby one due off my due date,which i was very surprised but so pleased about!
  • A friend of mine had her baby 4 weeks ealry and is now pregnant again. she has been told she has to havea c section at 38 weeks as her scar split after the birth and they are worried as she is also diabetic that a large baby may cause problems as it stretches towards the end. just something for u to ask about really as i know ur scar split xxx
  • i had dd1 4 days early and lizzie 5 days early. i had sweep with lizzie day before tho but was already 3cms dialted x
  • my first pregnancy i had him at 35wks
    my second pregnancy (twins) i had them at 31wks

  • I shouldn't really be answering this as my first was 11 days late - but I know someone who's first was 8 days early and she just had her second last week - 13 days late!
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