Fern Britton...

is leaving This Morning!!
Clearly I wasn't watching/listening properly today and missed the announcement. Am sad to see her go as the chemistry between her and the Schofe is magic. Wonder who will replace her? Someone younger maybe? Who do you think would be a good new host with Phil?
((Can you tell I'm bored ladies?! Should be pottering and sorting but would rather be on here!))

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  • aw no, i think they are fab together, that is really sad, i hope she is going on to bigger and better things! it will be someone young and blonde no doubt :roll: :lol:
  • soz crashing from pg forum. im gutted i love phil and fern together!
    luv clare

  • oh noooo!! what is the world coming to?! lol x
  • Didn't hear it on the prog read it on Twitter-I know sad but I learn a lot on there! Maybe she's getting her own show or something? Hope they don't get Ruth to do it, the one who is married to Eamon Holmes and does Friday's.
  • Almost glad I'll be going back to work eventually and won't get my daily dose of This Morning. It just won't be the same. Mind you I said that when Richard and Judy quit!! S x
  • It just won't be the same. Mind you I said that when Richard and Judy quit!! S x

    yeah...dark dark days :lol: x
  • SuzMcH that's exactly what I thought-at least in Sept I'll be back at work!!
  • Just found this, not sure how true it is clearly!

    'Fren Britton is quitting presenting ITV's flagship daytime show This Morning after 10 years in the hot seat. The Mail Online speculates that a desire to emulate the primetime success of co-presenter Phillip Schofield may have contributed to her decision to quit.

    Schofield, 46, has just finished his annual stint hosting the massively successful Dancing On Ice and he will be paid three times more than Fern Britton when ITV1's All Star Mr and Mrs returns for a second series later this year.

    Sources suggest that it put a strain on their co-presenting for This Morning, although she is reported to have been on the verge of quitting in the past due to family commitments.

    After the current series comes to an end in July, Fern is planning to pursue new projects and spend more time with her family. "After 10 years with This Morning, I have decided to leave the show at the end of the current series. I will present my last show on July 17th, my birthday, which seems somehow appropriate," she confirmed.'

    Am also chuffed to find my lo shares his birthday with her!!
    What a shame eh? End of an era and all that.
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